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    2019 Big Horn 1500 - Smelly Interior

    Sounds good thanks for the reply. I just did some more research - i dont see the 1 or 2 cracks above the rear sliding window BUT i am not sure if this is the only tell of a leaking rear slider. After work i'll check the interior cabin filter, i read there is sometimes a mold/mildew problem...
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    2019 Big Horn 1500 - Smelly Interior

    Hello all! So i've been lurking since 2019 when i got my Big Horn - I noticed there is a dreaded stinky/smelly interior problems with the new style 1500's....I thought I was in the clear until last week when I noticed a stench in my interior. I don't eat in the truck, no food/drinks have...
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    Aftermarket Amps Engine Wine

    Did you run your amp power cable (not ground) next to the RCA cable? This is what causes the whine. It's electrical interference. In car audio, the amo power and amp RCA should be ran up separate sides of the vehicle. Never had interference doing it this way.
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    Driver's side mirror

    I had the same problem, check my post history. Ram Care took care of me and my dealership ordered a new mirror for me! It's on national backorder but they expedited the claim as its nauesiating to drive and look in the mirror, especially at night it acts like a strobe effect from the headlights...
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    *UPDATE* $250 Rebate on ALL New Rams

    Thank you! submitted online yesterday and got the confirmation email. The manufacturer just has to confirm the payment. Can't wait!
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    *UPDATE* $250 Rebate on ALL New Rams

    Thanks for the response! I just filled out the form and plan to include a copy of the trade-in paperwork with my signature from the dealership. Going to UPS after work to send it out.
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    *UPDATE* $250 Rebate on ALL New Rams

    From what I am reading, I think i should be eligible? I traded in a ford explorer and leased a 2019 Bighorn 1500 last week. I also switched from Progressive to Allstate at the dealership as they offered me a cheaper monthly payment.
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    Driver-Side mirror vibration - 2019 Big Horn Quad Cab

    Hello! I just took delivery of a 2019 Big Horn Quad cab last week. Upon leaving the dealer, I noticed the driver side mirror vibrates when driving. It's enough that its nauseating/distracting when driving. Just the mirror though, not the entire housing. The passenger side is perfectly fine...