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    Price negotiated from MSRP

    It was all over the phone and through email. Most of the additional $3000 vs their website price was through the new Rebates. They still don't have their website updated with the September pricing. A few of the rebates I was able to get will expire on 9/16. They also got hit with some hail...
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    Price negotiated from MSRP

    It took talking to a few dealerships, and I ended up needing to drive a few hours to pick it up. Ended up going through Laura in Sullivan, MO. They have a few Rebels left.
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    Price negotiated from MSRP

    I just negotiated the following deal on a 2019 Rebel with the 12A package: MSRP $58,305 Dealer Discount and Rebates $13,433 Dealer Fees $210 Out the door price of $45,082 before taxes. Total of 22.6% off which I think is pretty good on a Rebel. The dealer did say the 0% financing...