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Recent content by SD Rebel

  1. SD Rebel

    2022 GMC Sierra Truck Launch

    Yup, I think that magnesium has the potential to be much worse, not just for cars but so many industries. No magnesium equals no aluminum, no aluminum means no on a lot of things.
  2. SD Rebel

    2022 GMC Sierra Truck Launch

    That's true, if you can get the typical discounts for regular trucks (15% - 25%), then that pricing should be fine at least against the TRX/Raptor that typically don't get those discounts.
  3. SD Rebel

    2022 GMC Sierra Truck Launch

    2.7L 4-cylinder at that. The 2.7L 6-cylinder in the Ford is a giant slayer however. I have to say, all GM trucks were missing was a decent interior, looks like they could have the complete and total package now, factor in their wide range of engines and improved exterior, they may have the...
  4. SD Rebel

    Anyone else getting offers from dealerships for your truck?

    Yup or sometimes they will say on their website 50 truck in stock, but when you look, it will say "In Transit", and who knows when it will arrive.
  5. SD Rebel

    Anyone else getting offers from dealerships for your truck?

    The only issue is the production constraints are tight, so little product with a lot of buyers. You should calculate how much you are likely going to pay for either a Lighting or Tundra in the coming couple of years, which is likely close to sticker or more for either. This market is likely...
  6. SD Rebel

    Anyone else getting offers from dealerships for your truck?

    In the past, these offers were usually BS, like they really were in "desperate need for...." a 5 year old VW Jetta, lol. It was just a ploy to get you to buy something on the lot. However, these days it's literally to get more stock they are desperate for. In many cases, you won't be able to...
  7. SD Rebel

    Nav System Sucks

    The OEM map is alright, but Google Maps is so much more convenient to use. I can just say "Walmart at this X street", and it finds it and I'm on my way. The factory map you actually have to input the address (or business name) like the early 2000s GPS. And if you misspell the name or address...
  8. SD Rebel

    How much are you paying for oil change+tire rotation?

    The first time I took it to my selling FCA RAM dealership, they told me unless the computer said it had to be done, they wouldn't do it because they were swamped with too many vehicles. I have never gone to a dealership before were they actually tried to get me to avoid doing an oil change...
  9. SD Rebel

    Orange peel paint

    What cars did you have that had glass like paint jobs? I've owned everything from Fords, Acuras, BMWs, Mercedes, Jeeps and Porsches, and they all had somewhat similar levels of orange peel, though some colors and body angles will show it more. Though Ford's level of orange peel is probably...
  10. SD Rebel

    Another Question On The MDS/ECO Mode

    That depends, it this with a stock exhaust? If so, then it's not normal, unless you are really perceptive and can notice the slight change. It could also be your noise cancelling system isn't working correctly. However, if you have an aftermarket exhaust/muffler, it will be very noticeable...
  11. SD Rebel

    Post your Rebel pics!

    No worries, I appreciate it man!
  12. SD Rebel

    Post your Rebel pics!

    This is an awesome solution for additional storage. I do have a bed rack that goes over the top and the mounts drop a bit below the bed rails. You wouldn't happen to have a picture of the storage boxes in the closed position? I wanted to get a idea how much clearance I would have if I got these.
  13. SD Rebel

    Annnnnnd I let it idle

    Oh yeah, there are actually two locations in San Diego county that has both a Chick Fil-A and In N Out right next to each other. The line of cars is in the streets pretty much all the time.
  14. SD Rebel

    Annnnnnd I let it idle

    There is concern of not idling too long because of the oil splash thing, not getting enough upper end lubrication due to the engine design. But they have these engines in police and work vehicles that may idle for hours daily, with no special consideration compared to civilian versions in terms...
  15. SD Rebel

    Rebel Leaning ....

    Absolutely makes sense to me, once something bothers me I have to fix it as well. I had a panel gap that would bug me everytime I looked at my truck that no one else would ever notice, but I had to fix it.