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Redtrucks's latest activity

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    Redtrucks replied to the thread Driving in snow.
    Of the past 10 plus 4wd vehicles that I’ve owned I have never used 4 low for driving thru snow on paved or gravel roads in rural ND...
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    Redtrucks replied to the thread Problems filling gas tank.
    I have the same gas filling issue. Tried different gas stations, position of the nozzle, depth of the nozzle, and rate of which gas is...
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    Redtrucks replied to the thread Oil leak 1500 miles.
    I had the same type of oil leak, dealer thought it was the oil cooler above the filter so they replaced. Still had the leak and it...
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    Redtrucks replied to the thread Undercoating?.
    Bighorn purchased October 2020 and I used fluid film from new. ND driven where there is a lot of salt, salt brine, and beet juice used...
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    I had a small leak from above the oil filter, every once in a while there would be a spot of oil on the floor. I believe the Dealer said...