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Recent content by RebelKatyTX

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    How's your mileage?

    I traded in a 2015 LTZ 6.2L 2WD and was getting 23 MPG on highway and 17 MPG in city. Towing a 18’ enclosed 7’tall cargo trailer fully loaded at 75MPH I was getting 15.5 MPG! The Rebel is lucky to get 16 MPG on the highway after 4500 miles. That being said, I love my Rebel and am ok dealing...
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    New 2019 Rebel wanders on road

    I traded in my 2015 Silverado LTZ 2WD for my 2019 Rebel. My Rebel rides great and feels solid without any drift at all. My tire pressure was at 58PSI and yesterday I woke to find I had run over a nail and the front drivers side was down to 33PSI. I didn’t have time to mess with airing up the...