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    Just installed trx style grill on my 2021 ram 1500 big horn

    You just need to get this part to replace the “brow”. It is called a grill applique and runs about $107. Grille Applique - Mopar (68293107AI) It’s the matte black rebel grill applique and will fit on your Ram. Easy swap. Julio the grill looks awesome on your Bighorn!! I got my grill a week ago...
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    Anyone have a SwingCase in their bed?

    I have one on the driver’s side. I like it a lot for keeping ratchet straps, tie downs, small tool bag, etc. the self tapping bolts went right in no problem. I also have a bed rug liner.
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    BDS 6in lift

    Vert nice!! I have the 6” BDS on mine as well!!
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    Westin pro mod bumper and skid plate

    Oh awesome!! I sent them an email earlier in the week but haven’t got a response back. Here’s a pic of my bumper and skid. Truck is DIRTY…..sorry.
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    Westin pro mod bumper and skid plate

    Hello I have same bumper and skid. Question for you….did you purchase the entire “square fog light kit” or were you able to just purchase the mounts without Westin fogs. I already have fog lights I want to install but am not wanting the “entire square fog light kit”. I appreciate your help...
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    3.21 to 3.92 conversion

    Please go into a little more detail on this. Where did you get the 3.92 front axle? Direct from Ram dealer? Did you program anything else? Thanks in advance for any other info!!