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    Does active noise cancellation still work after installing a louder exhaust?

    I guess I should clarify. Will it "know" there is more noise and work against this new noise from a louder exhaust? I get that there will probably be more noise in general but will it still cancel out some of the newer noise?
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    Does active noise cancellation still work after installing a louder exhaust?

    I think the answer is yes, but I don't know for sure. From one source, it says this: "Sometimes luxury isn't about what you add, but what you take out. The 2019 Ram 1500 brings that idea to a new level through the use of both passive and active sound-suppression systems. Acoustic glass is the...
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    Last few restarts it asks me to pick top and bottom card

    You would have seen the update and had to have accepted it Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    I agree that some people may want you to know they are driving a green car, but everyone universally hates how the prius looks. That being said, I had a prius for 7 years for the simple fact that I drive 70 miles/day to and from work. It was all about saving money. It was ugly, but comfortable...
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    Any way to browse large music volumes on the 12" uConnect?

    I'd suggest you show the dealership as there would be no way for them to back out of this. Bring another car/truck that shows all of the folders and show them how it doesn't work in the uconnect system.
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    General issues and complaints about the system

    1. Yep! This seems to happen to a lot of us. The workaround is to hit the transfer button on the dialpad screen twice. 2. I don't check businesses that much, but the built in nav will only be as up to date as when you bought it. Google maps will be up to date. However, I can't stand android...
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    Any way to browse large music volumes on the 12" uConnect?

    Also, do you have any root folders before teh artists? Meaning do you have something like usb_drive/music/artist/album/song or do you have usb_drive/artist/album/song? If you have anything before artist, delete that folder. and put all artist in the root directory.
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    Any way to browse large music volumes on the 12" uConnect?

    A few questions... Why are you using NTFS? Also, why are you using fat32 with 2048 block size? Shouldn't use be using 32K? Have you tried with 32K? As for me, I have no issues with 5082 files and 214 folders. This is a mixture of FLAC and MP3. I also did not format the USB flash drive, just...
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    Rear Bilsteins: is this normal?

    According to this page, it looks like it might be called the Isolator? Though, it's hard to tell. Check out part #1 in the diagram. https://www.mymoparpart.com/a/Ram_2019_1500-REBEL-Crew-Cab-57L-HEMI-V8-4WD/75656638__7586414/Suspension-Rear/i2380302.html
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    2019 rebel light bar

    $974!!! That's ridiculous. Pass.
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    Honest Question On Those Red Seats...

    My 2020 Ram Rebel came with the red accent but the seats are black! Honestly, this is how it should be IMHO. That being said, everyone who sees the red is amazed on how good it looks.
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    Automatic braking concern

    @RamCares Can you help us with how to proceed in getting help from FCA? I can pretty much recreate this issue just backing out of my driveway. Thanks!
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    LED Light Bar on a ‘19 Rebel???

    OK, I was a little off. The piece in question is actually called the PANEL. Close Out. Bumper. Check out this bumper assembly from this page(part #14): https://www.mymoparpart.com/a/Ram_2019_1500-REBEL-Crew-Cab-57L-HEMI-V8-4WD/78218808__7521156/Bumper--Front/i2379153.html Now I just need to...
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    Automatic braking concern

    Add me to the list where it brakes in reverse with nothing going on. It happened again today. Ths is the 4th time it has happened in less than a month. I'll say this, we won't be able to get this fixed if we all don't call into Chrysler and complain. Anybody know a good number to call?
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    LED Light Bar on a ‘19 Rebel???

    OK, I went crazy looking for this part. I think it's called an active shutter. Check out part 2 in this diagram. Except, ours isn't active, it's literally a piece of plastic just covering the back side of the grill. I guess it helps divert wind noise and air. Bottom line, I don't think...