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    Deepest snow on stock height and tires?

    Have driven through 14" with a lowered Audi RS4 and 24" w/ a Cayenne (all with proper snow tires) bet with winter rubber and proper weighting in the bed could easily get through 2.5'
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    What did you do to your Ram today???

    What warning or driving lights did you put on the lower grills?
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    Tire Dressing frustration

    It is normal, however using a petroleum or silicone based product versus a water based dressing will cause it to brown much faster, look worse
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    License Plate Reverse light

    Ahhhh! Do the silver clips have to just be pinched, or do the clips actually have to be removed before pulling on the plug? I'm an hour into this and can't get it.
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    Tailgate light bar

    For those that used the Curt adapter, how did you remove the OE plug? Is it a twist, or are there plastic clips? I can't see/feel how to disconnect.
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    Any East Coast Discount Dealers besides Koons?

    I looked all over the country and ended up with the best deal at the dealer closest to me in NY. No bologna, no hidden charges, extremely competent sales and service. First sales experience I've had in 25 years where I didn't feel I was ripped off. PM me for details as I don't know the rules...
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    DIY Wheel Ceramic Coating Products

    Used 5 coats of CQuartz UK 3.0 when new. Top off with reload and use cleaner wax every few months to remove surface dirt before it takes hold. Maintenance like that isn't 100% needed unless completely OCD like me. Easy application, lasts and lasts and makes regular washes easy.
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    Anyone install strobe lights on their truck yet?

    Tazer DT is 100% unsuitable for this, I tried. Aside from the fact that it takes 10 button pushes to turn on and off (button mapping just doesnt work) there is no way another responder on scene will know how to turn on/off your lights if needed (a neccesity at least for us since sometimes police...
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    Clunk over bumps

    Just returned from service appointment. Same clunk/noise over light bumps. Both swaybar end links need replacement and are on national backorder.
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    Beneath the Bed After A Dog Runs into the side of my truck....

    How was the dog after?
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    People with SUVs: how does your RAM ride quality compare?

    Compared to our Durango R/T, ( or any SUV really) it soaks up small and large bumps better, meaning less jarring, less transmitting of the movement into your body. With that benefit comes a very different ride feeling though. It's more floaty (not bad just different). It took some getting used...
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    2020 Laramie with Excessive Orange Peel in Paint

    There is still orange peel in that post detailed picture, same as all our trucks. Its 100% normal on modern water based clears in $30k or $230k vehicles. You can easily see it on the passenger front quarter where the grey meets the reflection of the white house pillar. Paint correction does...
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    Thought that was just my passing thought since this is the first non manual car I've ever owned.
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    Ridge Grappler ?

    They seem to be equivalent to the OE tires in the rain, which is to say mediocre. Dry traction is much better with the Ridge Grapplers, snow TBD. But this is my first truck and I'm used to Audi Quattros since 1990's which are insanely good in rain with the right tires. So take my opinion with...
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    How are these trucks in heavy snow/blizzards?

    I'm very concerned that I chose to run Ridge Grapplers year round. Positive reviews but looking at the tread pattern tells me otherwise. This will be my first vehicle without dedicated snows since 1993. Night and day difference with proper tires.