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Recent content by Nymisano

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    Anyone got light bars/pods/etc?

    Details on the Baja Designs install in tow hook cover location please. Been planning to do that.
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    Long time Audi Owner Here

    1988 5000 TQ -> 97 A4 ->01 S4 -> 07 RS4 ->19 1500. I have has less problems with my Durango and Ram than any German car I've owned by a mile
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    Driving in the snow

    Hmmm, I have zero problems in snow.
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    Clunk in Front end 2019 Ram 1500 Laramie

    Just had my end links replaced for the second time. They have been clunking for 6 months driving me insane. Last dealer said its normal, they all sound like that. Tried a new dealer today, diagnosed and fixed in 30 minutes. Any aftermarket sway bar end links? Obviously OE part needs some...
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    Studded winter tires?

    New set of studded General Altimax Arctics on Methods waiting for winter swap next week. Can't share feedback yet.
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    Rocky Mountains Ram owners...what octane gas do you use?

    7-9k feet in Utah, 85 works fine
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    3400 PSI Pressure Washer

    I use a 3400 psi pw. 40 degree on paint and wheels, 25 degree on wheel wells. Not going to do any damage if you are 2-3 feet back. 1 ft you could possibly if staying in one place.
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    New Rough Country 2" Level Kit for Air Ride Suspension

    "Will NOT be able to use Off Road Mode 1 and 2 due to new lift height"
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    Battery Died, now no Uconnect

    Many of us having regular (12 times in a year) dead batteries prematurely (from 2 weeks old). Issues will clear in a day or so usually.
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    Factory installed vs aftermarket brake controllers

    Are you ordering the "kit" or individual parts. Half the price if you just order the parts on your own. There is a nice write up on here with p/n's
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    Dash won’t turn off

    Good luck, been through 12 jumpstarts, 2 OEM batteries in a year, dealer found nothing and charged me $130 to diagnose nothing on a warranteed truck. FCA did nothing.
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    Deepest snow on stock height and tires?

    Have driven through 14" with a lowered Audi RS4 and 24" w/ a Cayenne (all with proper snow tires) bet with winter rubber and proper weighting in the bed could easily get through 2.5'
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    What did you do to your Ram today???

    What warning or driving lights did you put on the lower grills?
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    Tire Dressing frustration

    It is normal, however using a petroleum or silicone based product versus a water based dressing will cause it to brown much faster, look worse
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    License Plate Reverse light

    Ahhhh! Do the silver clips have to just be pinched, or do the clips actually have to be removed before pulling on the plug? I'm an hour into this and can't get it.