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    Rear bump stop missing ?

    thanks for that info. i did reach out to my salesman and am waiting to hear back.
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    Rear bump stop missing ?

    Does anyone know how i can find the part number and order one ? Thanks
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    Rear bump stop missing ?

    So while I was replacing the rear sway bar, I noticed that I only had one bump stop. The passenger side is missing. Is there suppose to be two of them ? pics attached.
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    2019 RAM 1500 hellwig swaybar

    Mine be here tomorrow. gotta love amazon and next day shipping .
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    Uconnect 12" Software revision 18.45.40 Issues listed - PLEASE BUMP and respond so I can get this sent to the right person(s) at FCA.

    I'm running software 18.27.17 and am not experiencing any issues. Maybe the older versions are more stable. What version do you guys have that are having issues ?
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    Finally 12.1 radio upgrade is here!!!

    Curious to see what the wife will want for her birthday after spending that dough. LOL
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    2019 RAM 1500 hellwig swaybar

    <-----Another victim. :) Just ordered mine.
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    4wd not selectable.

    So i was parked on a hill, started my truck, shift into drive and wanna select 4wd and there are no lights and nothing happens when pushing the buttons. I drive a while and then pull over. I shut off the engine, restart and the lights came back on. I was able to change 4wd again. Has this...
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    TAZER DT for 2019 RAM 1500

    i have not seen any of the problems you guys are having. I have been using for a couple months now. There is a number on the site you can text if you have issues. They get back to you very promptly. Also are the issues with the old or new update firmware ?
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    TAZER DT for 2019 RAM 1500

    I too just updated thru the PC software. Definitely need a new user manual as the button layout and menus did change. So far all is working well.
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    TAZER DT for 2019 RAM 1500

    I ran the previous couple group buys and will reach out to see if he is interested in doing another one. Stay tuned.
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    TAZER DT for 2019 RAM 1500

    ATTENTION. There is and update to Tazer. It should be uploaded today or tomorrow at the latest. From what I’m told the update should fix the tazer /pulsar issues.
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    Key fob interference????

    I had the same issue. They gave me a new truck. They did get it working after a month. They ended up changing lots of modules and programming. They never told me exactly what caused it.
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    Edge pulsar issues ?!

    Still for sale
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    Credit card that can fill 33 gallons in one transaction?

    You do mean a 26 gallon tank you have. I forgot I was low on gas and kept driving. Then I finally looked down and saw WOW that’s low. Lol