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As I lay in bed watching Tammy, still asleep, she was face down with her head buried in the pillow. Her legs were sprawled out. Hips and back were slightly curved, as if she were just starting to crawl. Her naked skin almost glowed in the filtered morning light. I could see a bit of her inviting ***** that was barely visible from my angle. It dawned on me that we were on our honeymoon, and I could not remember if we had ****ed yet. I couldn’t remember doing it last night when we got back to the room from that dance club. It is all so hazy. But her ***** was calling me. I forgot all about my hangover and slid over to her. free sex chat

No big deal. I love to kiss and lick on her after we have spent the night together. I knew there would be some spot on her body, that when I reached it, she would wake up and welcome my personal attention. I continued my exploration of her body with my tongue and reached the back of her thigh. When I licked the curve of her ***, I could feel her stir, just a bit. I guess the booze really knocked her out because she would normally have awakened and joined me in this pleasure by now. live sex chat

so she was blades. I inhaled her feminine aroma, which was a mix of faint perfume, a bit of salty sweat from her dancing in the warm night air, and the familiar smell of…the smell of ****.?? I buried my face into her neck and hair and drew in a big sniff. It really did smell a lot like ****, and sweat, and …***. My lovely wife, naked to the world, spread out on our honeymoon bed, smelled like **** and ***. Then it hit me. I sat up on the bed as I realized that it was no tequila induced dream I had. It really happened. We really did go to a Mexican businessman’s mansion with a group of his friends last night. live sex cams
Aug 16, 1978 (Age: 43)