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Recent content by mel22b

  1. mel22b

    Post your Rebel pics!

    I do love em!
  2. mel22b

    Change TPMS Value???

    Anyone have on in the Vancouver, BC area that I can buy beer for? So odd that it just wouldn’t be adjustable in the truck’s settings. Thanks guys
  3. mel22b

    Change TPMS Value???

    I just went to larger tires and need to change my TPMS alert value. I found it in my UConnect but adjusting it didnt do anything. Then today there was an update for the system and its gone. Does anyone know how I change the values so the system doesn’t yell at me anymore? Thanks
  4. mel22b

    Post your Rebel pics!

  5. mel22b

    Daystar KC09113BK on Ram Rebel 2019 with air suspension

    I installed just links and hate the ride. Does anyone know where I can get instructions to install the Daystar Level kit? The Revel site just says follow the Daystar instructions, however do the air lines need to be detached, etc?
  6. mel22b

    Why are Rebel Tire Pressures so High?

    Funny, i wondered the same thing about my truck. Works ok on road, however its almost mandatory to lower psi once off pavement.
  7. mel22b

    My 2020 Stealth Rebel

    First Mod
  8. mel22b

    My 2020 Stealth Rebel

    Thanks so much guys!
  9. mel22b

    My 2020 Stealth Rebel

    Love this truck so far!
  10. mel22b

    Rebels with Nerfbars/sidesteps

    Like those! Could you post up a few more pics please.