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    What did you do to your Ram today???

    That cant be used with the tailgate down correct? Matt
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    seat covers?

    I purchased Tiger Tough seat covers for the rears seats as preparation for a cross country road trip with my dog. Upon returning from the trip and removing the covers they performed exceptionally. This included my dog being wet, sanding, throwing-up and other messy things :) My seats were as new...
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    Cant get past the home page

    I can no longer get to any pages except the home page. I cant even get to my account info. Oh and I know what you're asking - "how did you post this?" - different computer / browser I participate in multiple forums and ever experienced anything like this. Considering that I've been...
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    Why GM and Ford is worried about RAM

    To me it really doesn't matter who sells more trucks. I struggle to understand why that's an important thing to a consumer. I shop for what I like independent of marketing. And it's kind of nice not seeing one RAM after another like I do with F-150's... Matt
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    What Ramps (for oil changes) are you using?

    I use the dealerships ramps... Matt
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    "Smoke" from exhaust on start up?

    Yes it is - water is a byproduct of combustion. You may at times see water actually dripping from the exhaust tips after starting the truck. Matt
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    AC issues fixed for 2020???

    It seems to me, based on my experience compared to the contributions shared on this forum that two things might be at play. 1- AC performance is different within the suite of 2019 trucks. i.e some perform well and others do not (like mine). Or 2- AC performance is the same across the suite of...
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    Lots of issues reported, curious who’s had no issues, major ones anyway?

    This is actually a very valuable thread - thanks for posting. So for those who have responded with "no issues" (excluding recalls) - does that imply your AC is functioning as expected (and not "good enough, I can live with it... etc.")? - that would imply there are fully functional AC units in...
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    Back up camera problem

    Now that the cold weather is here in the northeast this happens to mine every cold morning. It's actually quite dangerous as the cameras are part of the advanced safety package etc. My dealer, being the quality customer focused dealer they are, said they all do that... and won't do anything...
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    Lots of issues reported, curious who’s had no issues, major ones anyway?

    How can it be "perfect" with a couple of recalls? (It's not a dig at you at all) Mine has had multiple recalls and TSB's, issues ignored by FCA (air-conditioning, display themes, etc.) - I think it terrible quality for a $60,000 truck or car. Matt
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    Storage tray on top of dash

    In a "I need a quick google maps nav situation" I place my iPhone horizontally in the slot (which seems designed for a phone). Works great Matt
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    Screen Themes not working

    I don't use remote start and mine reverts back within a day.... Matt
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    Looking for advice on two options - sunroof and e-Torque

    On reflection my only regret when I ordered my MY19 Laramie was not ordering the sunroof. Big mistake. I also didn't chose the e-torque - for me too complex for little gain. The ROI seems impossible to achieve. Matt
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    Need your help - Winds took a fence down into my truck

    Thank you so much - I think based on googling that the part numbers might be flipped? Passenger side part # is actually 68262532AG? I'm asking. Also it looks like I need to buy the entire unit with the monitoring ? Again a question. Thanks again Matt