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Recent content by Luckyguy

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    Squeal during cold weather start ups

    My 21 did this too. Temperature was about 0-5 degrees. Whined abit then stopped. Assumed it was the cold. Guess maybe I should talk to my dealership.
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    Uconnect 8.4 non nav phone favorites issue

    Anyone figure out a definitive solution? My 2021 ram also will not keep them. I too have an android.
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    Break in period recommendations

    I usually do about 65 towing 5000#. So, not a speed demon but I Invision myself driving down the road like the Clampets at 50 mph.
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    Break in period recommendations

    From my manual, " during the first 500 miles (805 km) that a trailer is towed, do not drive over 50 mph (80 km/h) and do not make starts at full throttle. This helps the engine and other parts of the vehicle wear in at the heavier loads."
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    Break in period recommendations

    I too have a new truck, 5.7 non e torque Bighorn. I followed the break in recommendations noted above, pretty easy. However, I plan on towing and recommendations are not as easy. 50mph for first 500 miles! Hard to do on freeway.
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    Difference between haul mode and ERS

    So, it sounds like ERS could be used as a shifter and would be particularly helpful in significant mountains. Whereas, tow/haul would be good for general towing most everywhere?
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    Difference between haul mode and ERS

    What is the difference between utilizing the above. If I'm in haul mode doesn't it lock out gears the way ERS does when you lock out gears?