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    2020 Limited...first ram truck two I hope simple questions

    Look at the "Pedal Commander" for getting off the line better. This thing opened up the power that is already in these trucks, and made it feel so much better. Very happy with this upgrade!
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    Auto stop/start feature and excessive wear on the starter ?

    I test drove one, and you are correct.
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    What did you do to your Ram today???

    Just curious, what was it about the Falken tires you did not like? That's the tire I am leaning towards.
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    AC - does anyone have a truck that blows ice cold?

    So do you think the system was intended to blow 8-10 degrees warmer on drivers side than it does on the passenger side?
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    Another reverse LED idea

    Like it a lot, looks like they have always belonged there. Nice! What did you file down, the angle of the wedge?
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    Pedal Commander

    Love the PC, now the truck does not have to catch up with my foot! I run it on sport+1. Had it a few weeks 100% satisfied.
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    Air conditioning Hack

    Agreed, this is a "design flaw" or "vehicle characteristic". Majority of buyers are just not as sensitive to this as others are.
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    Magnetic Gun Mount

    Personal opinion here, if it's the cheap kind that's just a magnet and no holster, don't do it! You have no trigger guard! Spend a bit more money and get a holster mount system. There is a thread here somewhere about it. It's just not safe when you go to grab a gun, ( especially in a high stress...
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    Air conditioning Hack

    You could even clamp it up by the firewall
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    Air conditioning Hack

    The hose at the top, going through the fire wall to the heater core is always the inlet. Follow it down and clamp it off anywhere, as long as it is a heater hose going directly to the heater core.
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    Air conditioning Hack

    So glad this hack worked, its a lot of truck to cool. With so much great design in this truck, what was FCA thinking?
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    Secret compartment?

    Isn't that the manual parking gear release? If the battery is dead the shifter won't work, and you need to move the truck.
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    Air conditioning Hack

    Wow, some of these services managers are complete wack jobs, and incompetent!
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    Air conditioning Hack

    Lee's summit, and so far they have been very accommodating to every thing I have needed. They even refunded me 15% back when I bought my RAM running boards B4 I knew about the performance and accessory discount.
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    Air conditioning Hack

    FYI: In for an oil change and occupant restraint recall at the dealer today. My heater control valve stayed on, (they never even saw it) and I decided not to even mention my AC complaint, because right now my AC kicks #%$.