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    Do you like your MDS?

    My last truck an 09 Silverado had the MDS function, never knew if it was on or off. In the RAM I enabled the dash light so I would know. I have not ever felt it engage, but do notice the change in the sound of the exhaust. Once in awhile I will feel the cylinders re-activate, usually because...
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    Anyone else feel guilty for having a dirty truck?

    To the OP. There is a significant difference between using the truck as it fits into your lifestyle and abuse and neglect. You clean it out once a week, so it clearly is not abuse and neglect. Give yourself a break, don't hold back, live your life with your new bride and two Huskies. Is the...
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    Downshifting issues potentiall or normal?

    Sounds like your transmission is not getting the correct information from your wheel speed sensor's. Needs to be checked out and reprogrammed.
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    Bed length advice

    Your answer lies in how you "think" you are going to use the truck at this point in time. That can change. What activities do you participate in? Open bed, or are you going to put a cover on even with the Ram Boxes? A crew cab and a 6'4" bed is a little longer than "normal." Will it fit...
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    Surround view camera usefullness? (How do you use yours?)

    I didn't think it was THAT bit of a deal. I have some really tight places to maneuver in which I always was able to do without it for 20 + years. Now that I've had the RAM 6 months, it's one of those surprise things on the truck that I really use and appreciate much more than I thought I would.
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    Driver's side mirror

    It's one of those minor things to be taken care of next oil change in the near future before it gets out of hand.
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    Air conditioning Hack

    Please keep us up to date with the process and result.
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    Driver's side mirror

    The mirror housing has loosened up on the pivot point such that it vibrates enough to make it difficult to use. It isn't going to get any better. I can't see how to get into it to tighten it up. I can see where I think you open up the housing, but being plastic I don't know the difference...
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    Air conditioning Hack

    I would ask if they can snake a camera on a cable down into the plenum before the dash gets pulled apart. Take the air cleaner out behind the glove box and enter from there. Shine a light up from the floor vent on the driver's side. If you can see light from below, good chance that will point...
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    There is a product called "Invisible Glass." I found it at Target, AutoZone, OReily's, Home Depot, Walmart, you get the idea. It flat out works. First time you use it, you may have to go over the windshield a couple of times to get the streaks off because it strips everything off. I always...
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    Loud Noise on Startup

    I didn't really think about not having a traditional pawl with the electronic set-up. I found a couple of informative youtube videos demonstrating how to get the truck into neutral manually. Good to know, learned something new. I'll have to learn a little more before I venture another opinion...
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    Winter driving

    IF you decide to try it, put it in the front of the bed so as not to take any weight off of the front axle. Losing your steering ability is worse than losing forward traction. A full tank of gas in deep snow is helpful. Not sure what your past history is, but 4X4's will get you going in about...
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    Loud Noise on Startup

    Mine did it today. First time I noticed it. I was aware of this thread, but never read thru it until this evening. The truck has been sitting 3 days in my office garage. It has a brick floor. It is long enough to get 6 cars sitting side by side in it. The very back where the truck sat has...
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    Floor Jack - Which to buy

    Go with a 3 ton jack. Just as important are GOOD jack stands. Be safe - always
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    Tonneau Cover advice

    My best guess the problem is where the bed rails are wavy and warped in the heat as you say. I would ask tech support at Agri covers if they have any idea what can be done about the bed rail covers. I'm stumped. Wish I had an answer for you.