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    New bed decal

    I like it, but then it appeals to my own attitude for the last 55 or 65 years or so!
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    Dealership employees use my personal vehicle for business/joy ride

    The "possible" harm I was thinking about is the Covid problem. Bayside is in New York City just east of Queens by a few city blocks, well within the epicenter in New York. Given the circumstances the two extra employees using his truck for a dealership run is thoughtless, inexcusable and...
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    Dealership employees use my personal vehicle for business/joy ride

    The trust you placed in the dealership has been broken. Clearly you were abused. There has to be some verifiable harm done, other than cause some personal irritation with the entire episode. What I would do is park the truck like you say for a week and see if the etorque drain has been...
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    What was your heaviest payload?!

    Man, than nice boat clearly deserves a smarter owner.
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    Looking to pull the trigger today/tomorrow - question

    I would skip the e-torque. I didn't see where it added much of anything useful for my purposes.
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    should I buy a new Ram 1500

    Yep, buy one, don't look back. I came over from GM, couldn't be more pleased with my truck. I use it, but I don't misuse it.
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    Rear end slid out on the highway.... wtf?

    You didn't make mention of the temperature. Above freezing, at or near freezing. Could it have been black ice? With cars in front and behind, were the wheel tracks in the lane fairly dry, or full of runoff from the rain. Were you centered in the lane on the wheel tracks. Was it a momentary...
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    Spooked a little by so many complaints here!

    Just drive it and enjoy the truck. Don't let the negativity here make you paranoid. I'm coming up on the 1st anniversary in a few days. I plan to wash her up, buff her out, get a fancy oil change, tank full of premium gas to celebrate. Let her strut around and blow by some Fords, Chevy's...
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    Dog's not happy - I'm confused.

    Now it's perfectly obvious. She's ready to sit in your lap and steer, honk the horn, flash the lights, turn the wipers on/off, and fiddle with the radio. Girl's got people to see and places to go and strut around in her new truck! There IS a reason for her discomfort. There are several...
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    Dog's not happy - I'm confused.

    Is it just this truck she is having troubles in? How does she do in a different car or truck?
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    Dog's not happy - I'm confused.

    I would talk with your vet at this point. Something associated with the truck is unpleasant, or triggers a fearful memory for the dog. Have you left her in the truck while you go into a store. Loud noise or being teased while you were gone? Some dogs get separation anxieties. Dogs are pack...
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    How much blow by is too much?

    This truck engine is the first time I've used a catch can, Mishimito. Put it on with less than 300 miles on the engine. I dump it at every oil change, 3000 miles and again 1/2 thru an oil change. Got the truck mid March 2019. Last oil change was mid Nov before winter set in for real. What I...
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    Favorite option on your RAM?

    The truck that is between the front and rear bumpers.
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    Mud Flap for lifted truck

    They are right at about 5/16 of an inch thick. The mounting holes are slotted and line up with the screws that hold the flares on, allowing some side to side adjustment. Bottoms of mine are about 7" off the ground. I might pinch them on the tire if I back over something higher than a curb or...
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    Loading Harley Trike

    It is an aluminum tailgate. Somewhere I thought I saw a 600lb load limit. Some one correct me if I am off the mark. At some point you will have the entire mass of the trike on the ramp before you transfer some of it into the bed as you drive up. Are your rear wheels going to make it into the...