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Recent content by HemiDude

  1. HemiDude

    My Truck Smells Like a Baseball Glove

    When I clean them I actually spray the Leather cleaner onto a microfiber towel and then wipe the seats down that way.
  2. HemiDude

    Greetings, Finally!

    Welcome! Good looking rig!
  3. HemiDude

    New to the Forum and First Time Truck

    Welcome- Good looking truck!
  4. HemiDude

    Hi All from 408

  5. HemiDude

    Add-On CD Player

    Double-sided tape, Gorilla brand I believe
  6. HemiDude

    What did you do to your Ram today???

    Sounds good!
  7. HemiDude

    Noise/binding after diff fluid change

    Yikes! You might even think about having it towed back to the dealer. Obviously if it is their fault they will pay for any damages, but you don't want to risk breaking a part that is on back order
  8. HemiDude

    What did you do to your Ram today???

    Guess some of that has to do with the environment you live and drive in. Here's a pic of the one I pulled out of my wife's Explorer this past weekend, only a year on this filter:
  9. HemiDude

    Oh Herro!

    Welcome! We like pics 😉
  10. HemiDude

    2019 Big Horn 5.7 exhaust issues - driving me insane

    Looks correct to me. Those bolts should stay in the pipe, nuts come off if you need to disassemble.
  11. HemiDude

    What did you do to your Ram today???

    Haha I have the Longhorn theme also! Really doesn't match anything in my truck, but I like that it is vastly different than the other 3 choices.
  12. HemiDude

    2019 Big Horn 5.7 exhaust issues - driving me insane

    This last sentence sounds like MDS. Try limiting the gear so that MDS doesn't kick in and see if you still hear it
  13. HemiDude

    Does 2020 Ram 1500 still has AC not cool enough problem?

    Sounds like you are in for a joy ride :rolleyes:
  14. HemiDude

    New cabin air filter for 2022?

    That's interesting. I generally have the fan speed at 2 on my '22, coupled with the seat vent on. I set it to auto when I first start it, but it doesn't take very long to cool the cabin. My '20 (before the hack) took a while to cool down, and even then I had to keep the fan turned up. How long...
  15. HemiDude

    New cabin air filter for 2022?

    Maybe Ram decided that the redesigned system flowed too much air compared to the early design, so they wanted to close the gap 🤷‍♂️ Seriously though, the N95 sounds like a good idea on the surface, but similar to you, I can't imagine what I need to filter out that can't already be caught in the...