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Recent content by Georgf

  1. Georgf

    Ram 1500 active grill shutter issues

    Has anyone tried to fix this problem without disconnecting air dam? Is it possible to fix the electronics inside it and make it work again, without new error codes?
  2. Georgf

    Alfa OBD

    You programmed it with Alfa or by dealer?
  3. Georgf

    2020 Ram 1500 BH passenger dash airbag removal

    Airbag install in dash, then the dash install in truck.
  4. Georgf

    Bumper change and exterior chrome window border

    I painted the chrome bumper by first removing the chrome from it with sandblasting, the paint is holding up perfectly.
  5. Georgf

    Is it possible to add Blind Spot?

    Yes, cross path detection works too
  6. Georgf

    What engine oil are you using?

    Why not Mopar MaxPro 5w20?
  7. Georgf

    Fender rust

    In the summer I did anti-rust treatment of my Ram, under fenders including, I did not find foam there. I also removed the tail lights and also saw no foam anywhere. I don't think foam used anymore.
  8. Georgf

    Recon LED 3rd Brake Light 2019+

    What you, guys, do with yours bad lights, who get a replacement? Could you ship its to me, to make some retrofitting? Want try make one working from several bad :)
  9. Georgf

    Nav volume and CarPlay volume low

    Try select volume during Carplay says something, in Google Map and messages it works.
  10. Georgf

    Alfa OBD

    Thanks, i have 8.4 without nav, sure i need different update.
  11. Georgf

    Alfa OBD

    Is it 8.4 with nav or without? Where you found the update file?
  12. Georgf

    8.4" to 12.1" screen replacement

    Can someone tell me this module 68429169AB will fit my 2019 big horn?
  13. Georgf

    Where we are located: World

    Don’t forget Russia ;)
  14. Georgf

    Tail light lenses interchangeable between BSM and non-BSM?

    You can simply move the sensor to the new taillight, it's easier than changing the lens. You can read about it here https://5thgenrams.com/community/threads/is-it-possible-to-add-blind-spot.13516/page-4 Here you can find pictures of disassembled taillight...
  15. Georgf

    pulsar piggyback "tune"

    Here is the review https://5thgenrams.com/community/threads/pulsar-review.37125/