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Recent content by DM2059

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    2019 issues

    I already did the TSB for the trans and it didn't work. I avoid the dealer as much as possible.
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    2019 issues

    My trans downshifts hard as I almost come to a stop. So hard in fact that I have to put the truck into park and then back to drive to continue. This only happens when the trans is cold or has cooled off somewhat. The work around for me is to manually put the trans in 8th gear and drive it until...
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    Slight “chugging feeling” when backing up slowly

    Mine does this when it's cold or has been sitting for a while. Forward and backward. Goes away after I drive a short distance. Brand new truck with 500 miles.
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    Radio and Bluetooth issue

    I have the same problem with my 2019 Limited. I listen to Pandora most of the time and periodically ESPN radio comes on at the same time. Very annoying to me. The truck is only 10 days old with 500 miles on it. I'm hoping this problem goes away on it's own.