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Recent content by blackfeather

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    Larger Gastank

    The number of gas stations is not the issue, the amount of fuel stops are in my book ;-) If I can do the trip with one fuel stop or none at all in stead of 5, that would be great ;-)
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    Larger Gastank

    @RJS I indeed doubt they will go for that, on the other hand, the truck does allow for quite some tank space when custom made, I just have to find a company willing to do that, and able to get it sorted with the authorities.
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    Larger Gastank

    @slicktop I know in the states with this kind of question a lot of skilled people would be able to help, but since I'm on the other side of the pond, I'd love a closer option, especially since the truck already made the, more than, expensive trip once already. Next time it will have that option...
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    Larger Gastank

    Hi @TruckDriver , I emailed them and will keep you guys posted here. There are a few reasons, some better than other, to opt for the regular petrol upgrade rather than the LPG. For one LPG does not allow you in any underground parking structures, but also some events, locations and other are...
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    Larger Gastank

    Dear fellow Ram lovers, last year we bought a RAM 1500 Laramie Longhorn 5,7 HEMI in Belgium, from what the seller told me it had all options checked, stupid me for not verifying. The option I am missing most is the larger gastank, since I use the vehicle for towing a lot the 26 gallon tank is...
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    New from Belgium

    Hi everyone, last year we bought a Ram 1500 Longhorn, because I loved the brown colored seat, now I have some questions, but I will look for the correct part to post them ;-)