Vossen Wheels Shows Us Another TRX 6×6, In Its Latest Social Media Post!

Force Motorsport Designs Yet Another 6x6 TRX Variant...

For over a year now, Vossen has been marketing its series of Ultra Deep HF6-4 wheels on various Ram 1500 TRX models. The HF6-4 styled wheels were inspired by Vossen’s best-selling HF-5 series, however, the HF6-4 wheels were designed for ultra-wide tire setups for full-sized pickup trucks and SUVs. Available in 20-inch, 22-inch, or 24-inch configurations with either a 9.5-inch or 10-inch widths, Vossen also offers the HF6-4s in a number of finishes.

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But it was Vossen’s most recent marketing on social media that caught our attention, by featuring the wheels on a 6×6 version of the TRX. 

Unlike the TRX 6×6 we have seen over the past year from manufacturers like Apocalypse Manufacturing or Hennessey Performance Engineering (HPE), this one is from Florida-based Force Motorsport. While not much is known about this version of the TRX, we can see that it doesn’t feature the 2.6-inch Bilstein Black Hawk e2 adaptive performance shocks as the stock and other 6×6 models use. Instead, there is a set of FOX Racing shocks. We are curious to know just how well this setup functions, given that the TRX has specific “Drive Modes” that are tuned and work in conjunction with the Bilstein setup.

Force Motorsport does feature a number of 6×6 builds on their Instagram page, with various Jeep®, Ford, and Toyota products showcased. 

Despite the end of the supercharged 6.2-liter HEMI “HELLCAT” V8 in the near future, things are getting heated up with these TRX 6×6 builds. With HPE officially unveiling its Mammoth 1000 6×6 which delivers 1,012 horsepower and 969 lb.-ft. of torque in the past couple of weeks, Apocalypse Manufacturing is now offering even more performance with its recent announcement that its Warlord 6×6 is now being offered with 900 horsepower.

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Nevertheless, despite the ongoing rise of gasoline prices across the United States and Canada, it doesn’t seem to be affecting the aftermarket performance 6×6 market.

Source: Vossen

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