The 2019 Ram 3500 Tradesman Regular Cab Dually Looks Tougher Than Ever:

New Looks, More Tech, Still The Same Old Workhorse...

There is a lot of excitement around the upcoming 2019 Ram Heavy Duty trucks. We have been getting more e-mails about the new truck over any other topic. We told you about the new upcoming Cummins turbo diesel that will be making its debut in the heavily updated Rams, now we have gotten a good look at the upcoming body that they will be powering. 

2019 Ram 3500 Tradesman Regular Cab Dually. (Brian Williams/SpiedBilde).

Meet the 2019 Ram 3500 Tradesman Regular Cab Dually, the pure workhorse of the Ram Heavy Duty lineup. While it carries over most of the sheet metal work from the A-pillar backwards, the aggressive “big rig” styling up front is blended with design cues from the 5th generation Ram 1500. This time around, the Ram design team put a lot more detail into the front design of the updated Ram Heavy Duty.

2019 Ram 3500 Tradesman DRW 4×4 compared to a 2018 Ram 3500 Tradesman DRW 4×4. (5thGenRams).

The all-new front bumper looks like it is slightly lower than the current model’s as well. This will more than likely allow the new Heavy Duty to push air around the truck better, especially at highway speeds while towing.

2019 Ram 3500 Tradesman Regular Cab Dually. (Brian Williams/SpiedBilde).

In the rear of the updated Ram 3500 Dually, we see it shares the same exact bed as the current Ram Heavy Duty. No fancy aluminum box here. Tail lamps are the same shape as the 4th generation Ram models, even though they come in the style found on the all-new Ram 1500. The same marker lights under the tail gate are still present, while the Ram Heavy Duty trucks adopt the new Ram 1500’s rear bumper design which incorporates a lower step pad for better egress to the box.

2019 Ram 3500 Tradesman Regular Cab Dually. (Brian Williams/SpiedBilde).

With Ford updating their current Super Duty in 2020 and General Motors about to roll out their newest Heavy Duty models of the Silverado and Sierra, the competition is more tough than ever. However, with an interior as good as the 2019 Ram 1500s and styling that calls cues of classic Dodge/Ram trucks there is no doubt that potential buyers will flock to the Ram Heavy Duty models more than ever before.


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