2020 Ram Cummins to get a CGI block

Here is everything we know about the 2020 Ram HD so far

5thGenRams has learned a few tidbits about the upcoming 5th Generation Ram HD pickups.

2020 Ram HD Cummins info

According to one of our inside sources, the 2020 Ram Cummins engine will remain at 6.7 liters of displacement. This is likely to be an all new engine which according to our source will feature a Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI) engine block. 

Current 6.7 Cummins Rams use a standard cast iron block which has been known to hold up well, but there are many benefits to moving to a CGI block. First of all CGI is roughly 75% stronger than traditional iron , is 45% stiffer andh as double the fatigue strength. These are fantastic characteristics for engines that see high boost pressures and extreme heat as a Diesel would when being worked hard. Compacted graphite iron blocks also see much better wear characteristics over time than either a traditional iron block or aluminum block engine. Other benefits are the ability to cast a lighter block with similar strength characteristics as a traditional iron block engine. 

CGI also has noise vibration and harshness benefits compared to an iron block engine, generally running quieter. Forum member iChime had previously posted some information about the upcoming HDs which we were able to confirm with our sources. What we weren’t able to confirm but do expect are power numbers of 400hp and 930lb ft of torque for the 2500s and 430hp and 980lb ft of torque for the 3500 and 4500s.

5th gen ram HD
5th Gen Ram HD Dually spied (Real Fast Fotography photo)

2020 Ram HD Gas engine options

We are hearing rumors that the 5.7 Hemi will no longer be available in the HD trucks making the 6.4 Hemi the base and possibly only gas engine. While we broke the news about the upcoming 7.0l 426ci Banshee Hemi V8 coming for the Ram Rebel TR we have not heard anything about whether it will or won’t be available in the HDs. If it is, we would expect it to get its own unique “truck tune” possibly offering a lower HP number than in the upcoming Rebel TR but more torque and a lower peak torque.  It is unlikely that we will see the Supercharged 6.2 from the upcoming Rebel TRX in a HD truck.


5thGenRams has heard rumblings that the new HDs could feature and Aisin sourced 8 speed transmission. While we don’t know that for sure I believe it would be a safe bet, I also think we will see the 66RFE and 68RFE dropped for the 5th generation HD. We believe that the 6-speed manual will live on, but that is unconfirmed at this point. 

2020 Ram HD (Real Fast Fotography photo)


While we have seen in spy photos that the 2500 will continue to use the coil link rear suspension design, we expect the 3500 and above to retain the traditional leaf spring setup. As for the front suspension we don’t know for sure but are expecting the solid front axle to stay based on spy shots that we have seen

2020 Ram HD (Real Fast Fotography photo)

Body and Interior

Expect the 5th Gen HD to share Cabs and boxes with the 5th Generation Ram 1500, but with unique front end styling more reminiscent of the current 4th generation HD trucks. Exterior wise this will be the most differentiated from the 1500 Ram HD ever. Interior wise, expect the same interior as the new 1500s including the 12 inch display, but with some minor tweaks so that Ram can fit auxiliary switches on the center stack.  Mega cabs will be back with a “lounge seating” option with rear seat entertainment. Expect the Ram box to be available with the 6’4 box and trickle down to the 1500s which are currently only available with a 5’7 Ram Box. 

2020 Ram 3500
2020 Ram HD (Real Fast Fotography)


Expect all the infotainment, driver assist and safety features of the new Ram 1500 to be available on the 5th generation Ram HD, including adaptive cruise control, 360 degree surround view camera etc. 

From what we know the 5th Generation Ram HD is shaping up to be a real winner, make sure to check 5thGenRams regularly as we will be releasing information as it becomes available. 

2020 Ram HD Gallery

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