Ram Truck Launches Aggressive New Marketing Campaign:

New Commercials Poke Fun At Ford, GM

Yesterday Ram released a slew of funny commercials on the Ram Trucks YouTube channel. The commercials are based on the premise of current Ford and Chevrolet owners trying to sell their trucks so they can buy a new Ram. 


With Ram being on a sales tear through the first half of this year, it is not surprising to see them keep their foot on the gas and get more aggressive with marketing. Through the first half of the year, Ram pickups sit in second place in the sales race, stealing the spot normally occupied by Chevrolet. By the end of June, Ram truck sales were up 28% over the same period last year while all competitors sales were down meaning Ram is picking up market share at a fast pace. 


These well-done commercials feature actors playing up certain aspects of both the F-150 and Silverado while trying to “sell” their truck to you. The reason why? “It’s just not a Ram.”


Let us know what you think of Rams new commercials in the comments down below.

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