Pentastar V6 2019 Ram 1500s caught testing

With production nearing, Pentastar equipped models are being spotted

With the 2019 Ram 1500 V6 Pentastar production start date getting close, our friends at Real Fast Fotography have recently caught a few Pentastar equipped trucks out testing. We know these trucks are V6 models due to their different hood badges (no 5.7 Hemi script under the 1500 on the black truck or beside the 1500 model designation on the Rebel.)

2019 Ram 1500 V6 (Real Fast Fotography photo)
2019 Ram 1500 Rebel V6 (Real Fast Fotography photo)

A host of computer testing equipment is also seen through the windshield of this Rebel tester. We have been told to expect Pentastar equipped trucks to begin production in August and have seen a leaked document, listing a 27 MPG highway number. We don’t know whether that number is EPA certified or would be achievable on all trucks or just the HFE model. The Pentastar continues to be rated at 305hp and 269lb ft of torque as in previous models, but all come with FCAs new eTorque system which ads start/stop functionality and up to 90lb ft of launch torque on the V6 equipped models. 

2019 Ram 1500 V6 (Real Fast Fotography photo)

The 5.7 Hemi is also available with the eTorque system as an option and while 5.7 eTorque equipped trucks are now available to order, it doesn’t appear as they are in production quite yet. Currently we have a few forum members waiting on eTorque equipped orders.

Stay tuned to 5thGenRams for all the latest information concerning the new trucks. 

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