New 2020 Ram HD spy video and information

We learn a little more about the 2020 Ram HD and have some sad news for Cummins manual fans...

5thGenRams has learned a little bit more about the upcoming 2020 Ram HD. Thanks to a few of our inside sources and forum member ichime. 

2020 Ram HD Spy Video (Real Fast Fotography)

Reportedly the 2020 Ram HD will be an all new 5th generation truck as opposed to a heavily refreshed 4th generation truck as I speculated last week.  Currently the trucks testing are using 4th gen cabs as I had thought but the word is the trucks currently being spotted are early prototypes. Ram is currently reverse engineering some componentry reported to be mostly the electronics package while using the current 4th Gen bodies. This is why we see things such as the new taillights with blind spot monitoring, new headlights etc while still having the 4th gen look. We are being told that once the next stage of prototyping starts we will start to see some of the final design. Ram did the same with early prototypes of the 2019 Ram 1500 such as this early 2019 Ram 1500 Rebel prototype shown below.

2019 Ram Rebel mule
2019 Ram Rebel mule (Spiedbilde photo)

The 2020 HD will be getting an 8 speed automatic transmission from ZF, this is believed to be the new ZF Powerline transmission that we told you about earlier this week. We have been told that the Aisin 6 speed will stick around for max tow and commerical trucks. As far as the 6 speed manual/Cummins combo goes we have been told that unforunately it will not be returning for the 5th generation HD. If you are a Cummins/manual fan and have been waiting that is unfortunate news but there is still time to pick up a 2018/2019 Ram HD Cummins/Manual before it is too late. 

While we previously reported on a few changes to the 6.7 Cummins as well as power numbers (400hp 930ft lbs and 430hp, 980ft lbs) in this article we have been told a few new things. While still unsure if the 6.7 will be all new or just an update to the current 6.7 we have heard to expect a new turbocharger and manifold design as well as the compacted graphite iron (CGI) block we previously reported. The engines have already been dyno tested and meet engineering and emissions expectations with the power numbers mentioned above with room and the possibility of debuting with 1000 ft lbs according to engineers.

Stay tuned to 5thGenRams for all the latest information as it becomes available, and make sure to check out our comprehensive Forums section. 

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