5th Generation Ram HD to debut January 2019

We are 6 months away from seeing the new HD trucks

Yesterday, FCA announced their 5 year plan and included in it was a lot of news about Rams future.  Among that news was confirmation that the 5th Gen Ram HD will debut just 6 months from now in January at the 2019 North American International Autoshow in Detroit as we predicted a few weeks ago.  

2020 Ram HD (Real Fast Fotography photo)

Hot on the heels of this news we have just received a bunch of spy photos and video of the 2020 Ram HD out testing. Thanks to our friends at Real Fast Fotography we are getting a closer look than ever at the new HD trucks. While we wrote an article about everything we know about the HD trucks a few days ago we do also now know that the new HDs will be level 2 autonomous capable for the 2022 model year. Level 2 autonomy means the vehicle is able to steer, brake and accelerate by itself while using information about it’s driving environment. The driver must always be ready to take control if the vehicle if required, the system would be similar to Teslas Autopilot. 

Here is our spy video and new spy photos of the 5th gen Ram HD.

Check back regularly as we will be updating the site with information about the new Ram heavy duty models as they become available. Don’t forget to check our Forums section for more great content. 


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