2020 Ram HD rendering and a bunch of spy shots reveal new clues

We have a ton of new spy shots

With the debut of the 2020 Ram HD in January of next year getting closer and closer there are now a ton of different 2020 Ram HD prototypes out roaming the streets. Thanks to the work of our friends at Real Fast Fotography we have a bunch of spy shots for you guys and some are more revealing than ever. 

2020 Ram Chassis cab
2020 Ram HD (Real Fast Fotography)

This front end shot of a 2020 Ram HD 5500 Chassis cab gives us our best look at the new front end yet. Though heavily camo’d with vinyl wrap we can see the cut lines for the headlights which have more of an inward slope than the 4th Gen HDs or the new Ram 1500s. We can also see that the big rig look will remain with the top of the grille much higher than the headlights.

2020 Ram 2500
2020 Ram HD (Real Fast Fotography)

Looking at these photos of two seperate 2020 Ram 2500 prototype shows us that they are actually using a plastic ring or foam overtop of the new grille to hide the actual lines. This gives the look of the outline of the current Ram HDs grille when viewed from far away. 

2020 Ram HD (Real Fast Fotography)

Our spy photographer also managed to shoot through this window of a 2020 Ram HD regular cab prototype. Although there are a lot of reflections in the glass and most of the dash is covered up we can see what looks to be the same or similar dash to the all new Ram 1500.

2020 Ram regular cab
2020 Ram HD (Real Fast Fotography)

In the following photo we can see that they are using camo on the headlights to create the illusion of LED signature lighting by using the headlights, hiding the actual signature lighting from us. 

2020 Ram HD (Real Fast Fotography)

Moparinsiders own contributor, moderator, forum member, Ryan, of Darksky designs made this 2020 Ram HD rendering for us based on spy photos and some inside information. While the truck in the picture is a quad cab which we don’t expect to be available on the HDs, it does give us a good look at the possible front end design.

2020 Ram HD Rendering
2020 Ram HD rendering by Ryan at Moparinsiders (Darksky Design)

Below is a large photo gallery of all our newest 2020 Ram HD spy photos. Stay tuned to 5thGenRams for all the latest news and information and make sure to check out Moparinsiders for all your other Mopar/FCA news. 

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