2019 Ram 1500 Attention to detail part 2

Today we look at other aspects of the 2019 Ram with extensive attention to detail


We took a look at the new key fobs and the attention to detail that went into them and how that foreshadows the level of detail that went into the rest of the truck. Today we will look at all the other little details on the 2019 Ram 1500.


2019 Ram
2019 Ram 1500 Active LED headlights FCA Photo

The 2019 Ram 1500 is available with 3 different styles of headlights. Halogens are standard on Tradesman and Big Horn trims, Optional on Big Horn and standard on Laramie and Rebel are Full LED headlights while Laramie Longhorn and Laramie Limited get standard BI LED full led headlights. Pictured above are is a Laramie Limited headlight inboard LED projector with detailing on the site telling you that it is a Dynamic BI LED headlight with the inboard projector able to rotate 7 degrees when turning and the outboard projector able to rotate 15 degrees when turning. The outboard projector has the RAM script on the side of it. This is also the first implementation of an active headlight system in a pickup truck.

2019 Ram
2019 Ram 1500 Mid Level LED headlights FCA Photo

This photo shows the inner bezel of the mid level Ram 1500 LED headlights which are available with a black or chrome bezel depending on trim package you choose. These lights also have  the RAM LED detailing on the bezels. We haven’t seen the Halogen headlights up close yet so we are unaware of any detailing on them.


2019 Ram Laramie Black
2019 Ram Laramie Black taillight

On the models with LED Taillights RAM has put the RAM script on the raised portion of the Lens that houses the blind spot monitor. Rebel and Black packages alsohave that center section blacked out while it is red on other models. 

2019 Ram forum
2019 Ram LED taillight with blind spot monitor


Now this is where the majority of the little details are found. On models with the wireless charging system RAM embossed the word RAMCHARGER onto the wireless charging unit, a nod to the previous Dodge Ramcharger SUV.

2019 Ram
2019 Ram 1500 – Front Media Hub FCA Photo – Note RAMCHARGER script on wireless charging pad

The bottom of the center console lid has a Ruler, protractor and a conversion table for various mathematical equations as well as a metric to standard wrench size conversion chart. The center console floor also has the side profile of all 4 previous generations of Ram. 

2019 Ram
2019 Ram 1500 Center console lid

The new Ram Bins which are twice the size of the old ones also have a ruler on the outer lip.

2019 Ram forum
2019 Ram 1500 Ram bins

While most of this stuff isn’t exactly practical that is exactly why we love it. These are all fun little design easter eggs the Ram team put into the 2019 Ram 1500 and really shows the attention to detail that went into the truck if they went and added all this stuff for fun. 

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