See The 1,000 Horsepower Mammoth 1000 6×6 In Action!

John Hennessey Gets Behind The Wheel Of His Company's Monster Pickup...

John Hennessey, CEO of Hennessey Performance, is no stranger to creating some of the most powerful and impressive vehicles on the street. In a recent YouTube video, Hennessey climbed behind the wheel of the latest creation to come out of his garage, the Hennessey™ Mammoth™ 1000 6×6. The Mammoth 1000 6×6 is an upgrade over the already impressive 2023 Ram 1500 TRX, putting out an astounding 1,000 horsepower and 969 lb.-ft. of torque.

Hennessey Performance Mammoth 1000 6×6. (Hennessey).

The Mammoth 1000 package features the HPE1000 performance upgrade package, which has already seen its way under the hood of several Dodge Charger and Challenger HPE builds. The package has even found its way into the Hellcat-powered Jeep® Grand Cherokee Trackhawk.

Hennessey Performance Mammoth 1000 6×6. (Hennessey).

Alongside the performance upgrades, the Mammoth 1000 6×6 features a mountain of off-road goodies from locking rear axles, Bilstein suspension, and a set of 20-inch wheels wrapped in 37-inch rubber. The Mammoth 6×6 builds on the base Ram TRX adding a third axle, extending the truck’s length by more than four feet, creating a cavernous bed. 

Starting with an HPE performance upgrade, the Mammoth 1000 package includes an upgraded supercharger, pulley upgrades, stainless-steel headers, high-flow exhaust, and HPE tuning. 

Hennessey Performance Mammoth 1000 6×6. (Hennessey).

In addition to the truck’s impressive power and off-road capabilities, the truck comes with several premium creature comforts on top of the standard TRX items. Hennessey adds some custom touches such as a serialized plaque on the center console, Hennessey embroidered headrests, and even power deployable running boards.

Hennessey Performance Mammoth 1000 6×6. (Hennessey).

For those interested in owning their own Mammoth 1000 6×6, the vehicle is available for global shipping and can be ordered through authorized Ram retailers or directly with Hennessey Performance. The truck comes with a comprehensive warranty, which is a testament to the true toughness and reliability of the vehicle.

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