Ram’s New 1500 BEV To Be Shown Off During “Revolution” Event In November!

New Electric Truck Will Be Previewed This Fall...

During its First-Half (H1) Results for 2022, Stellantis released some important dates regarding key electrified vehicle programs for its North America operations. Three brands (Dodge, Jeep®, & Ram) are expected to unveil details about their future electric plans during those dates.

The Ram brand is kicking off its Revolution plans in November. Two key products are scheduled for production in the next couple of years, bringing full electrification to the “Built To Serve” brand.

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The brand’s first electrified vehicle will be the Ram ProMaster BEV. We have talked a lot about the ProMaster BEV in recent months, even showing pictures of the full-size van testing in Italy. Based on the Fiat Professional E-Ducato, we know a lot about the features of the ProMaster BEV.

With a 79-kWh battery, the E-Ducato can travel up to 280 kilometers (174 miles) in the Worldwide harmonized Light-duty vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP) cycle, equivalent to 370 kilometers (230 miles) in the urban cycle. It takes no longer than 30 minutes to charge up enough to drive 100 kilometers (62 miles). 

In terms of flexibility, to meet such a wide and diverse range of needs, the E-Ducato also offers a Drive Mode Selector. In its “Normal” position, it ensures the ideal balance between performance and costs, or it can be set to “Eco” mode to save energy. When a really heavy load needs to be carried or the vehicle is facing a demanding ascent, the right choice is “Power” mode. E-Ducato has another two features to provide its drivers with peace of mind –

  • “Turtle Mode” – similar to the battery saver function on a cellphone. It is activated automatically when the battery is low and limits vehicle performance, to make the battery last 8 to 10% longer.
  • “Recovery Mode” – If one battery module does not work, the other takes its place to make sure it can keep going.

Amazon has already committed to purchasing the Ram ProMaster BEV for its fleet of delivery vehicles. Ram is offering the 2023 ProMaster with a roll-up rear door for the first time ever. There has even been word about Ram offering a side delivery door option, making deliveries even more convenient for its future van lineup.

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A couple of months ago, Ram introduced RamRevolution.com, a hub to provide consumers with a closer connection with the brand and its electric-vehicle (EV) philosophy, meaningful updates with unique visuals, content, and an ongoing dialogue that will include the opportunity to provide input as Ram EV trucks are developed. Ram has also been engaging customer feedback with their “Ram Real Talk Tour” series, about what their vehicles must do to meet the needs of the customer going forward.

Ram has also made it no secret, that it plans on introducing a concept vehicle of its upcoming 2024 Ram 1500 BEV sometime later this year. Ram CEO, Mike Koval, Jr. has mentioned in interviews that the Ram 1500 BEV concept will not be the product seen on the road in 2024 but instead will be a vision that the brand sees the direction of the Ram 1500 to be headed in the near future. He also mentioned that the design was not set in stone, in other words, it is an important tool for Ram to see if its direction is what its customer base is expecting.

For those who are worried about range anxiety, Ram is working on a Range Electric Paradigm Breaker (REPB). We talked about this variant in a previous post.

Stay tuned to 5thGenRams.com for more information about the upcoming Ram 1500 electrified pickups.

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