Ram trucks has best U.S August sales on record

Sales surge on availability of the 2019 1500s

The Ram brand as a whole had a record sales month for August with 54,808 vehicles sold for the month, an increase of 27% compared to August of last year.  Ram trucks sold 49,912 Ram pickups in August with 36,798 of those being the Ram 1500. Overall Ram sold 33% more pickups than August last year but is currently down 1% overall compared to August of last year. With 2019 Ram 1500s hitting the lots in much higher quantities now, we expect sales to continue to climb.  Check out our charts down below to see how Ram is doing compared to the competition. GM reports their sales quarterly and we will add them to the chart when they report 3rd quarter sales on October 1st.

  August % Year to date %
Brand Sales 2018 2017 Change 2018 2017 Change
Ford F-series 81839 77007 6.30% 603926 576334 4.80%
Ram Pickups 49912 37608 33.00% 323727 327759 -1.00%
Toyota Tundra 11058 10320 7.20% 76328 74518 1.90%
Nissan Titan 4661 3521 32.40% 31932 31776 0.50%


Ram Sales
U.S Pickup sales: Year to date
Ram sales
U.S Pickup sales August 2018

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