Ram Gives Us Our First Look & The Official Name For Its All-New BEV Pickup

Ram 1500 REV Will Arrive In Showrooms Next Year...

Earlier today, the Ram brand held a special press conference at the 2023 Chicago Auto Show (CAS). Now, while the press conference wasn’t broadcasted via Livestream, we were lucky enough to obtain a video of the conference from MY CAR UPDATE on YouTube.

During the event, Ram CEO Mike Koval Jr., showed off the Ram 1500 Revolution Battery-Electric Vehicle (BEV) Concept to a few dozen press members in Chicago. But while it was the same conceptual vehicle we saw at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas last month, Koval did drop some important new hints at the Ram 1500 BEV production vehicle due out in 2024.

The important bit of news was its name. We originally discovered that Ram had filed a trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for the name REV. With the knowledge that Ram is working on a range-extended version of its new half-ton BEV pickup, we assumed it meant Range Extended Vehicle. But instead, we learned that the BEV version will carry the name the Revolution Concept has showcased on its hood and tailgate.

“We look forward to delivering our first EV pickup – the all-new Ram 1500 REV – to those consumers next year,” stated Koval. “We are confident the Ram 1500 REV will push past the competition, offering what will be the leading combination of attributes customers care about the most: range, payload, towing, and charge time.”

We also got a pair of teaser shots of the production-ready Ram 1500 REV. 

2024 Ram 1500 REV Teaser. (Ram).

The first shot shown was of the hood, where the REV name badge will be located. Again, a similar badge is currently showcased on the Revolution Concept, showing us that the concept pickup will be very close to what we will see arriving in Ram showrooms.

The other photo gives us a peek at the production front end. The production REV pickup will still feature many of the design elements found on the concept model, but with just minimal changes. For example, the backlit R-A-M logo is still centered on the front but appears to be just a tad smaller than the concept. We can also see the production model will not have the marker lights over the R-A-M logo and will have a front-mounted camera located just below the R-A-M logo, but just above the frunk opening.

The tuning fork-designed signature daytime running lights (DRLs), appear to be carried over from the concept untouched.

2024 Ram 1500 REV Teaser. (Ram).

We also can see changes to the front skid plate design, for this is what we believe is a Limited model. The massive skid plate on the front of the truck looks to be gone, in favor, of a more conventional lower front bumper. This also includes a lower grille, with heavy-duty-looking mesh inserts, to provide cooling to the e-motor and battery pack.

For those watching the Super Bowl this weekend, Ram plans on showing off a 60-second commercial during the beginning of the fourth quarter. The commercial will more than likely, give us another look at the production-ready model.

Ram also said that it plans on revealing the production vehicle to the public in the coming months. So stay tuned.

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