Ram brand has best April retail sales month ever

Overall sales down due to less fleet sales

It’s May 1st which means FCA has just released their sales numbers for the month of April. The Ram truck brand moved 36,560 vehicles to retail customers, this is the most retail sales the brand has ever had in the month of April, edging out last Aprils record of 35,558 retail sales by 3 percent.  While retail sales were up, fleet sales were down bringing overall sales down 9% compared to last year. Retail and fleet sales combined, the Ram brand sold 43,074 vehicles in the month of April.

The 2019 Ram 1500 started trickling into dealer lots in March, with trucks finally making it to the west coast around the end of April. With yesterdays news that the production ramp up is not going as planned we believe it will be a few months yet until dealers start to receive the all new Ram 1500 in significant volume. It is at that point that we will begin to see how the new truck fares in the market place.

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