New Ram 2500 spy shots reveal more clues

We get a look at the base halogen headlights and more

Our friends at Real Fast Fotography have caught the new 2020 Ram HDs out testing yet again. These shots are of a 2500 Tradesman regular cab and give us a few clues as to the new styling. These front end shots with the headlights on reveal the new base halogen headlight design for the new Ram 2500 Tradesman. We previously reported that the HDs will have a unique front end more differentiated than from the 1500s than ever. 

2020 Ram 2500
2020 Ram 2500 Halogen lights compared to 2019 Ram 1500 Halogen lights (5thGenRams)

In the above picture we can see that the Ram HDs new halogen headlights look to be flatter across the bottom than the new 1500s halogen headlights. The HD continues to have its turn signals and marker lights across the bottom of the headlight rather than up high and on the inside as set up on the 1500s. We have been told that although the new Ram HDs will be completely new, the front end will be closer in design to the current HDs than the new 1500s due to how well the previous Ram HDs were received in the marketplace.

New Ram 2500
2020 Ram 2500 spy photo (Real Fast Fotography)

While the interiors of these trucks are also completely covered up we can see a small bit of the center stack poking out of the camo. This center stack matches up with the 2019 Ram 1500 dash which is no surprise, we expect the new HDs to get the same interior as the 1500s with some minor tweaks such as having available auxiliary switches.

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