Lets look at the 2019 Ram front end

New spy shots are giving away a lot of clues

The 2019 Ram crosshair

2019 Ram crosshair

Us here at 5thGenRams have obtained a number of new spy photos of the 2019 Ram. Today we are going to focus on the new front end. The picture above gives a nice shot of the 2019 Ram crosshair. If you look closely you can see that there is still a crosshair although not in the traditional sense. There is an open “port” if you will running horizontally from the sides of the grille to big bold RAM lettering in the centre. In this shot we can also see a vertical indentation down the middle of the grille, forming a crosshair. This isn’t the crosshair grille that we are used to but if you use your imagination it’s there. Also of note is that the turn signal LED’s are separate from the accent lighting and that the turn signals line up with the horizontal grille “ports”.

What about tech features?

2019 Ram crosshair

Note this photo, if you look closely you can see a front camera mounted just under the A on the R A M badge. Also parking sensors integrated into the bumper trim. Look even closer and you will notice a parking sensor facing out to the side of the truck mounted on the black trim surrounding the fog light. This is usually reserved for active park assist systems. I would put the smart money on the 2019 Ram having an active parking option. This truck doesn’t have tow hooks but the ones that do, have them where that smaller honeycomb piece is in the lower bumper. Last but not least look at the hood, see that foam block under the camo running from the leading edge of the hood back to the windshield? That brings us to last but not least…

What happened to the dropped fenders?

2019 Ram crosshair

The dropped fenders. Look at where the hood, fender and windshield cowl meet. There is a dramatic drop from the hood to the fenders but it’s just been well hidden with the camo. Also notice the camo above the wheel wells, expect them to flare out as well from the fenders. The closer we get to launch the better these pictures get. It really gives us a chance to dissect and see whats going on. Of course everything in this article is just my opinion and predictions.

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