What we learned from the newest 2019 Ram Spy photos

These 2019 Ram Spy photos reveal a lot of clues

Last week some new 2019 Ram Spy photos were taken and we have carefully studied them. We have found a few interesting things to point out.

2019 Ram Spy photos
2019 RAM 1500 – Click for full size

First of all we are able to see that the trucks without tow mirrors finally get a blind spot mirror in the upper corner. This is always a nice feature to have on a vehicle the size of a half ton, even with blind spot monitoring.

The arrow pointing down at the hood shows a foam block that is taped to the hood under the camo to hide the actual hood shape. The blue arrow at the front of the door pointing at the fender shows the drop from the hood line to the top of the fender. The blue arrow in the middle of the door shows that body line that runs all the way through from the fender to the back of the cab. The reason the fender and box sides on these trucks is covered is to hide the bulging wheel wells.

The grey arrow at the front of the door shows a flat bodyside where the arrow pointing at the back of the front door shows a sculpted body line. This tells us that the bulging fenders are going to sweep back into the fronts of the doors. The last grey arrow on the bottom shows a bulge in the camo where the RAM badge is mounted as on the Rebel TRX concept.

Of course we see the 6 lug, 6 spoke production BigHorn 20 inch wheels, dual exhaust and a crew cab that appears bigger than current models. We also see a shark fin mounted in the centre on the rear of the roof and LED tail lights with blind spot monitoring.

In less than a month the 2019 Ram will be revealed and in production. Let us know what you think in the Forums.

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