Is this 2020 Ram Power Wagon rendering previewing the new HD?

This rendering shows what could be coming

A few days ago we wrote an extensive article with a lot of spy photos with our thoughts on Rams direction for the 2020 Ram HD line up. We strongly believe after studying hundreds of spy photos and talking to industry insiders that the 2020 Ram HD will be a heavily refreshed version of the current heavy duties, getting the tech and interior from the 2019 Ram 1500s, with a refreshed 4th gen cab and powertrain options.

Ram Rebel TRX Concept

What is clear from the spy shots is that the 2020 Ram HD will be getting a new front clip similar to the 2019 Ram 1500s but more muscular in staying with the current HDs look. We also wouldn’t be surprised if Ram started using the rear doors from the TRX concept with the kick up at the rear of the window line to tie in with the new 2019 1500s look. New bedsides that closer match those of the 2019 1500s are also a possibility. After all they must have changed more than just the front end to warrant entirely covering the prototypes with camo.  We carefully studied many spy photos we have received and believe that all of the hard points have stayed the same between the current HD and the 2020 Ram HDs that have been spotted testing. 

2020 Ram Power Wagon
2020 Ram Power Wagon rendering (Darksky Design)

With all this in mind, we had our friends at Darksky Design come up with a 2020 Ram Power Wagon rendering for us. Using all the hard points of the current Ram HDs but with the styling tweaks that we believe are possibly coming. Merging a 2019 Rebel front end with some tweaks and blending it into a tweaked current body results in a truck that manages to look fresh and aggressive. 

We are currently 5 months away from seeing the all new HDs debut in Detroit, until then we will continue to update you about whatever we learn regarding the new heavy duties.

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