Is a Hellcat Powered Ram Rebel coming?

Ram seems to be hinting at it

The Ram Rebel TRX concept

Was a runaway hit when it was unveiled at the state fair of texas on September 29th 2016. Over a year later you can’t have a discussion about RAM without the TRX coming up in the converstation. Allpar is reporting that a Hellcat powered Ram may be in the pipeline.

Now that the 2019 Ram 1500 has been unveiled we can see a lot of Rebel TRX design strongly hinted at the 2019 Ram 1500. The hood is very similar…

Rebel TRX
Ram Rebel TRX Concept – Hood
Rebel TRX
2019 Ram Rebel hood

Mopar accessories new optional 18 inch beadlock wheels are identical

Rebel TRX
Ram Rebel TRX Concept Wheel
Ram Rebel
2019 Mopar 18-Inch Beadlock Wheels

The toggle switches from the TRX interior showed up in the 2019 Ram…

Ram Rebel
2016 Ram Rebel TRX Concept interior
2019 Ram Rebel
2019 Ram Rebel interior

The Rebel TRX concept was so well received and the Ford Raptor sells so well that it would make sense that RAM would build a TRX eventually. The business case for building it on the old platform wouldn’t make sense as it was nearing end of life. Now that the 2019 Ram has been unveiled all bets are off. We have been told by insiders that RAM is working on a HELLCAT powered, more capable Rebel based on the DT platform. We all know how much the Chrysler group loves to hide easter eggs in their products and run teasers for new products so how about this:

2019 Ram Rebel
2019 Ram Rebel dash

Take a look at the clock on the UConnect screen. In all the press photos for the 2019 Ram Rebel the clock says it’s 7:07, Hellcat is 707hp… Get it? FCA hasn’t been shy about spreading the Hellcat love around and the RAM seems like a very good place to put it. While the Rebel TRX concept was rated at 585 horsepower we are hearing rumours that engineers are working to to keep the full 707 hp number on the new Hellcat Rebel. Expect it to be even more capable than the standard Rebel and fairly close to the  TRX concept. Let know what you think in the forums!

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