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I ordered mine a week or so ago. PayPal shows payment made but I keep getting an e-mail stating I need to complete the purchase. Can you confirm mine is on order?

Max Tinsley
Hey guys got a new install video of the edge pulsar Tuner. Link below subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos I also got a pedal Commander install/review video on the way so stay tuned.
When you get a chance send me some picture of the bed cover installed on your truck.
Hi! I certainly will get some pics. Looks like you maybe removed the thread, so not sure you saw my post. I said that I regret I wasn’t able to meet you personally, but thanks so much for making the swap! It probably worked out better that Will got it for me, I’m not sure I’d have been much help getting it downstairs! But it fit perfectly and looks great, I love it!
YouTube page of 5th gen ram 1500 mod videos follow link to page for information thank please subscribe more videos posted weekly thank you!