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I take it from your forum name that you are a dentist. Is that correct? I am a retired dentist (age 71). Jim
Dr Teeth
Yes I am. I’m not retired yet. I’m 55 years old, and with most of my family living into their mid 90s, I don’t plan on retiring any time soon.
Bought a 2019 4x4 Rebel in Aug. 2018...since that time I have experienced the most irritating humming noise at around 1500rpms or 55mph mostly when I remove my foot from the accelerator. This phenomenon appears to be more prevalent when there is something in the backs seat. The decibel level is so base like it hurts my ears to the point it's difficult to drive. Anyone know if there is a fix for this?
Hey Steve! Truck looks really good man. I am on the fence with the -18 offset. Could you send me a side profile pic? I would really appreciate it.
Yea, i can take a couple pics in a little bit and send them.
"patsy"what is up?,how you makin out with your sensor's and light pods so far?!!
So far my sensors are quiet. I haven’t put the lights back on the front yet. I want to drive it for a least a few days, make sure it stays quiet, then put them back on and see what happens. Hopefully they fixed the problem. I’ll keep you posted! Let me know how you make out.
Sensors are still quiet. I am going to put back the lights soon and see what happens.
im going in today to leave it over night like you. im very glad they were able to help you.cant imagine what cause all this.but dont blame you for not wanting to reinstall the lights just yet!