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Craig Benner is back as contact!


5thGenRams Vendor
5thGenRams Vendor
Oct 9, 2018
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Hey All,

Craig Benner here. GREAT NEWS!!! I am back doing the Group Buy program. For the small amount of time that I was up in finance, I learned that it was not for me. So I talked to the GM and decided to come back to sales and continue to run the Group Buy and ordering the vehicles here for the dealership. Don't get me wrong as I did good in finance for the small amount of time I was there and I can do it if they need me too, I just learned that it was not for me and would much prefer to be on the front end of everything.

So on that note, I am back running the Group Buy program and Scott is back on the Sales Floor.

If you are looking to do the Group Buy program, please contact me and only me as I am the only one who is running the program here at the dealership.

I also made a email specifically for the Group Buy instead of using my personal.

My contact information is

email: [email protected] (preferred)
email: [email protected] (preferred)
cell: 570-556-0451 (text only)
office: 703-790-0900 ext 17638


Craig Benner
Online Forum/Ordering Manager


New Member
Aug 25, 2019
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Ahh well that explains why Scott didn't answer my email about the group buy....lol. Ill send you an email in a bit



Active Member
Dec 10, 2018
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Glad to hear that, Craig. As you know, I was bummed to hear you were going to finance when I hit you up about a Grand Cherokee for the wife.

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