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    Quick ques. for the tazer/pulsar/programmer peeps...

    There is already a seatbelt chime disable built into the truck, there are threads here as well as just Googling will show you how.
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    Sxm on demand

    The on demand only works on the app using your phone if I understood it. And as far as the streaming goes you have to give it long enough without signal and a button will show up saying "stream over internet" but I think it only shows up when you have the media full screen.
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    N0GL Software Update Thread

    Forgot to add, the nav maps did NOT update.
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    N0GL Software Update Thread

    Update finished and truck hasn't blown up yet. Software version: 20.06.13 BootMicro version: 20.04.01 EQ version: 4.1
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    N0GL Software Update Thread

    All possible subscriptions are active in my truck.
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    N0GL Software Update Thread

    Yup, I was one of the first posts in this thread. Been waiting quite a while.
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    N0GL Software Update Thread

    You all aren't gonna believe what popped up when I pulled into the garage just now. Will report back on versions and if the truck even starts up at this point
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    Ridge Grappler XL or Wrangler UltraTerrain AT

    I've had the AT3Ws for a little over 5k miles, they ride great and definitely don't hold rocks, worked great in snow and I have total confidence in them during very heavy downpours.
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    Squeaky suspension noises from driver front wheel

    I have the same squeak in my suspension, told the dealer about it and they took it on a test drive and claimed not to hear it. Would love to know how they didn't since it happens on 95% of the small bumps I hit.
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    What does this light mean?

    Just a heads up (assuming nothing changed for 2020), the manual you received when you purchase the vehicle is NOT the full manual. You have to write to RAM requesting the behemoth of a manual or go into the appropriate section here to download the PDF of it.
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    N0GL Software Update Thread

    Still no update, have any of you that received it started out on <18.45?
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    Bed Divider Needed for Hauling Smaller Items

    A 2x6 cut to length is all you need (go 2x8 if planning to haul higher filled bags), it fits in the side bed grooves and holds the grocery bags close enough to the tailgate that they don't shuffle around. You want to get fancy with it attach some hooks midway down the opposite side and you can...
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    Finish this sentence: "If I had it all to do over again with my Ram 1500, I would _______________."

    33 gal fuel tank and 360 camera are all I somewhat want. I don't have a need for either, but certain situations would find those both beneficial.
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    N0GL Software Update Thread

    Spent almost the entire day in the truck in and out of it and no notice today.
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    N0GL Software Update Thread

    Ran errands all around for most of the day and no update for me.
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    N0GL Software Update Thread

    No, the OTA and search function are not supposed to require either. However, it does use the cell signal to do the transfer, my worry is that I have such crappy service in my area through AT&T that it may not try to update because of that.
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    New 12" Uconnect Software Version 19.33.11? New Update 19.43.1a

    I'm wondering if those of us on a version earlier than 18.45.x are going to get this. Seems like everyone has been at at least that version so far that has received the OTA.
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    New 12" Uconnect Software Version 19.33.11? New Update 19.43.1a

    2 separate hour-long drives today and no prompt on my 28N0.