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  1. IA_Dawg

    Audio Installation Guide

    Attached is the complete installation guide from Crutchfield. I just thought it might be useful to someone.
  2. IA_Dawg

    Rear door panel clips.

    Does anyone know where these clips attach? When I removed both door panel. This clip fell out, and I have no clue where it goes.
  3. IA_Dawg

    SiriusXM Guardian app updated

    My guardian app updated today and now it uses the regular Uconnect app. Has anyone else received this update?
  4. IA_Dawg

    Transfer Case buttons

    Maybe I am going nuts, but I swear the buttons used to light up. At night it is impossible to see the lettering on the buttons.
  5. IA_Dawg

    Transmission stuck in gear!!

    I had something weird happen this morning. After I stopped at the store to get a coffee. I noticed my truck was running between 3 & 4 thousand rpms at 25 to 35 mph. Then I noticed that it was stuck in 3 gear. The bottom of the screen had a 3 & 3+ showing. So at the next light I put the truck in...
  6. IA_Dawg

    Washing truck & lights turn on?

    Does anyone know why when I wash my truck, the lights turn on and blinkers flash randomly? Thanks
  7. IA_Dawg

    Sunroof doesn't open all of the way...

    When I open the roof, it still has about two inches left to open. I hit the button again and opens the rest of the way. Is this normal? Thanks
  8. IA_Dawg

    Software glitch w/ memory seat 1 button

    So, when I press my memory seat 1 button it adjusts the seat, but it also changes the music source and mutes it. Also, this doesn’t happen when I press the 2 button. I guess I will add this to the list of things I need to mention, when I drop my truck off on Wednesday.
  9. IA_Dawg

    Headlights looks cloudy.

    Does the headlights on your truck look cloudy?
  10. IA_Dawg

    Bass rattle

    Has anyone pinpointed the source of the bass rattle? I have my bass setting at -3 and it still rattles on certain bass notes.
  11. IA_Dawg

    2019 Limited Patriot Blue

    I picked it up today.