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  1. IA_Dawg

    Katzkin durability and fitment questions

    I had a katzkin leather interior installed in my 2007 Yukon XL back in the day and I loved it. When I sold the truck 5 years later. The leather was still in great condition.
  2. IA_Dawg

    Audio Installation Guide

    Attached is the complete installation guide from Crutchfield. I just thought it might be useful to someone.
  3. IA_Dawg

    Rear door panel clips.

    Does anyone know where these clips attach? When I removed both door panel. This clip fell out, and I have no clue where it goes.
  4. IA_Dawg

    5th Gen Stock Stereo Upgrade Options?

    Yes I did. Thanks for asking.
  5. IA_Dawg

    5th Gen Stock Stereo Upgrade Options?

    Yeah, I found your previous post, after I posted my question. Thank you.
  6. IA_Dawg

    5th Gen Stock Stereo Upgrade Options?

    Can you please explain to me how to remove the door handle cable? I am in the middle of replacing my speakers and this has me stumped. Thanks
  7. IA_Dawg

    Backup camera update

    I had my backup camera module replaced yesterday. Curious to see if this fixes the blacked out camera issue. On a positive note. I now have the the center line in my backup camera.
  8. IA_Dawg

    SiriusXM Guardian app updated

    Interesting. That app never worked for me until after yesterday's update.
  9. IA_Dawg

    SiriusXM Guardian app updated

    The update installed the regular Uconnect app, that I previously couldn't use because I have the 12 inch screen. It's the one that displays your truck.
  10. IA_Dawg

    SiriusXM Guardian app updated

    My guardian app updated today and now it uses the regular Uconnect app. Has anyone else received this update?
  11. IA_Dawg

    Radar Led's in Cluster

    I smell the perfect opportunity for someone to ask you for a write up of this mod. :D:)
  12. IA_Dawg

    Check your doors for alignment. Quality Control

    That is what mine look like. Which is creating wind noise on the highway. Dealership had to order new door hinges for my truck. Taking it back in next Monday to have them installed.
  13. IA_Dawg

    Wind noise 2019 5th gen

    Check the alignment of the rear doors. I am dropping mine off at the dealership body shop on Monday, to have the doors fixed. The top of my doors are pushed in and the bottoms stick out.
  14. IA_Dawg

    22 Inch rims......How do they ride?

    I replaced my factory 22" inch tires with Michelin Defenders LTX's and the ride is so much better.
  15. IA_Dawg

    Back up camera

    No, I had it replaced on Saturday, because I was previously having this issue. Unfortunately, that didn't fix the problem. I have an appointment next week for them to correct my crooked rear doors. So, they will try something else then to fix it.
  16. IA_Dawg

    Rear Camera cold weather

    I had mine replaced on Saturday. Unfortunately, it still doesn't work when it is cold out and the truck hasn't been driven for a while.
  17. IA_Dawg

    Back up camera

    I had my camera replaced this morning by the dealership. I get in the truck this evening and the damn thing still doesn't work right.
  18. IA_Dawg

    Anyone able to sell their stock 22" tires?

    Now it rides like a vehicle with air suspension should. It absorbs bumps much better and feels sure footed.
  19. IA_Dawg

    Anyone able to sell their stock 22" tires?

    Personally, I just didn't have any confidence in them. Like you said the wet\snow traction was horrible. I also didn't like the way they felt on the highway. The truck just didn't feel connected to road on curves. The truck also road rougher than my 2015 Yukon Denali XL. Which has the magnetic...
  20. IA_Dawg

    Anyone able to sell their stock 22" tires?

    I also traded mine in at Discount Tire and got $220 for them, and replaced them with Michelin Defender LTX M/S. The ride is so much smoother and no road noise.