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  1. Stevenc150

    So how many of you have renewed Uconnect?

    Thats prob $300 for all services / monthly... if u pay annually, u get 2mons free & I never get the useless security also. But the price has increased The only way to pick choose correctly is do it yourself thru the mopar owner's website
  2. Stevenc150

    So how many of you have renewed Uconnect?

    $15/mon - paid yearly $180
  3. Stevenc150

    I need a part number, please

    I find the parts buying sites very helpful as they normally have the exploded view drawing with part numbers. Here's couple: Otherwise, your buying online or eBay manuals
  4. Stevenc150


    Welcome to the Forum!
  5. Stevenc150

    New to join, 2020 RAM 1500 Black

    Welcome to the forum, glad to have u on board (y)
  6. Stevenc150

    Just Hopped Onboard

    Non-air susp, some rubs; Heres my feeble attempt at a write-up: 285-55r22-nitto-ridge-grapplers
  7. Stevenc150

    Just Hopped Onboard

    Welcome to the forum. Limited selection of 22" a/t tires for now but its growing... Here's 22" with 285/55 Nitto Ridge Grapplers...good look imo ;) Great looking black truck btw (y)
  8. Stevenc150

    What did you do to your Ram today???

    A couple quick ones
  9. Stevenc150

    OFF ROAD tire inflation?

    A booster/jumper pack with a built in air compressor would be handy to have. Mine also has 110v ports.
  10. Stevenc150

    2019 RAM 1500 hellwig swaybar

    Regardless of box is opposite of the factory sway bar orientation. but FWIW, I dont think it affects the functionality
  11. Stevenc150

    Hi From Massachusetts!

    Welcome to the Club :cool: (y)
  12. Stevenc150

    New RAM 1500 Hemi 5.7 only getting 9-10 mpg!

    If it's a brand new truck, mpg will get better as the engine breaks-in...thru 10,000 & more in my exp. Also an oil change ~2K to full syn will give a slight bump (I do this in case there's any metal particles from break-in of new engine in the oil). Next oil change (~10k) can give another...
  13. Stevenc150

    My First Oil Change - Some Notes for those interested in trying it themselves

    They've always taken my word even tho I'm a nerd and track mine on a spreadsheet and offered it. As an added "layer of protection", I also started logging them in on the Mopar owner app/website so they can easily check it themselves...but they never do even when I offered at my latest trade-in
  14. Stevenc150

    First Oil Change....

    Nice job. Speaking from exp of 3 new rams, u can just shove a flat-head screwdriver thru by hand ;) And always hand tighten the replacement OF by hand - never a single issue Oh and that's the exact oil & filter Ive always used in every ram I owned (5 total). Its a great oil
  15. Stevenc150

    How to collect trash?

    :LOL: ...def not better just different. Yeah 8yo & 12yo: lets just say I can make their xbox time disappear with just a [snap]...
  16. Stevenc150

    Mopar Outdoor Truck Cover?

    I'd be afraid cover would flap rub/scratch paint maybe? If it were me I'd look into rent a storage unit
  17. Stevenc150

    Quick ques. for the tazer/pulsar/programmer peeps...

    speaking for myself...^THAT^ would def be worth buying a programmer for (y)