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    Tripmeters make no sense

    If I have 72:33 hours/mins of operation over 6181 miles, I must have averaged 85 mph, right? And I did it with 16.4 mpg! Notice I had 6946 miles total. My other total hours under "Vehicle Info" is more reasonable with over 200 hours. Anyone else seeing this?
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    Stock ORP 20's uneven wear

    I'm at 6800 miles with the stock 20" Falken AT's on a Limited 4x4 with Off Road Package and the fronts are starting to feel "feathered" on the outside edges. I haven't rotated them but I've never noticed uneven wear this soon on prior vehicles. Is this normal or is my factory alignment off? The...
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    Rambox/E-torque order tracking

    Anyone with Ramboxes who wants to share their order progress please post your trucks status here. Indicate if it has E-torque as well. These two options have been causing big delays. By knowing who has Ramboxes and E-torque we can see who's moving forward in MOTS. Mine was ordered 07/03 and is...
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    Rebel Rambox with E-Torque delivered post...???

    Someone said they were taking delivery of a Rebal Etorque with Ramboxes today. The post disappeared. Was it a hoax? That combo would be the most delayed of all models, it seems.
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    First truck in decades...Ram won

    New member here. I just ordered a fully optioned Limited CC 4x4 with Rambox 5'7", E-torque, Off Road Group w/3.92 axle. This truck replaces my 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel which has been the best, most capable vehicle I have ever owned. The air suspension and trail-rated 4x4 Quadra-drive...