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    Ripped my seat

    :cry: I was at work today and put a pair of scissors in my back pocket I forgot about them when I went to sit in the truck I scooted over and ripped a hole in the seat. I've got the black leather interior Laramie does anybody have a part number for the lower seat cushion cover. I also wonder if...
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    Missing screws

    I've lost a couple screws, story of my life, lol. I don't know if they were ever there, don't feel like messing with the dealer, anyone know the part number?
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    Warranty Purchase Question

    What would be the best to purchase from Mopar Direct. Unlimited Engine & powertrain coverage starting at $1499.00 cash price 7yr, 100,000 mile Max Care coverage starting at $1999.00 cash price It will be possible for me to hit 100K miles in 6 years
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    Pac Amp Pro

    For those of you that have installed the Pac Amp Pro on the amplified systems, and all you were doing is adding a sub, was there anything besides just plugging it inline with the factory harness, adding RCA cables, and the bass adjustment knob? No dip switches need to be changed.
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    Amp wiring kit

    What size kits work for our truck. I'm going to use 4 g wire and make sure its OFC. But do we need a 20 foot kit, or will 17 foot work?
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    Screen Protector

    Installed a Kykr screen protector the other day for my 12 inch screen, picked it up on Amazon, easy install, I don't even know it there anymore.
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    Glass or Plastic

    Anyone know if the part above and below the rear sliding glass window is glass or plastic?
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    Well, I pulled the trigger today

    Traded in my 2017 Jeep Cherokee TrailHawk for a 2020 Ram 1500, Laramie Sport, Patriot Blue, 5.7, 3.21 with 12.1 Uconnect . Got 5K off sticker, and 0% for 84, no payments for 90 days.
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    Torn on color

    Dealer I'm working with has 2, 2020 Laramie's with Sport Appearance and the off road package, only difference is the color. One is Patriot Blue, the other is Max Steel. I was initially drawn to the Patriot Blue, also the wife like it too, LOL. But the Max Steel looks great too. Anyone know which...
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    Trying to decide

    Looking at two Laramies, one is a Sport, other is Off Road, both have the same options, except the Sport has LED head and fog lights. I'm kinda leaning toward the off road though, any pros or cons for either?
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    Just Joined the other day

    Been trolling for a bit, looking to trade my 17 Jeep Cherokee TrailHawk. I'm trying to decide to get a Laramie, ORG, or a Sport. Both trucks I'm looking at have pretty much all the same options.