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    Tonneau Cover Thread Compilation - Maybe

    Hope it helps!
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    Reverse Lights POSTS COMPILATION
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    Ez pass, toll card

    I was reading this thread: post #3 "I keep my toll road card in there, since I don't like attaching them to the windshield with that permanent glue they use." Made me wonder what a "toll road card" looks...
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    Cat as in meow protection

    Paw prints in my engine bay and I believe it likes the top of the actual engine so I can not see it, just started. Any recommendations to deter/stop cat "house keeping". Moth balls for mice - I've been told.
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    Valve stem caps - beware of aluminum

    Purchased a second hand set of 20" Laramie wheels for my Bighorn. The tires came with aluminum valve stem covers. Didn't put any thought into the valve stems at the time. Today I went to check the air pressure and "galvanic reaction" had set in. Not a good moment. I managed to get them off...
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    Coverking Neosupreme Seat Covers 30% off MSRP

    FYI Auto Anything is having 30% off on the neoprene seat covers with a 1 year price guarantee. MSRP $169.99 reduced to $118.99 for front or rear. Seems like a good price. I only installed the rear and it took about 2 hours, front appears a lot easier. It did not come with the tool kit as...
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    Ram all weather mats - received 2 of the same side

    I ordered the Ram all weather mats January 17th via the internet and due to family circumstances and waiting for a sunny, warm day to lay them out I did not open the box till today. I received 2 of the same side (rear passenger mat). The website I purchased from has a 30 day return/exchange...
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    Warlock pluses and minuses

    I really like the looks and combinations Ram did on the Warlock between the "Classic" and "New". Looking to see what the members thoughts, views and opinions are. Personally like the look of the granite and black. I think one of the pluses is the availability of a 6 cylinder non etorque.
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    Tailgate Load

    "When vehicle is moving do not exceed 150 lbs. (69 kg) load on tailgate", from page 100 of the "Essential Information Guide" contained in my glove compartment. When vehicle is not moving - Information on how much your pickup truck's tailgate can handle ...
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    Ignition Accessories, Manual and 300 mile Break In

    I post this for all the analog owners (aka key ignitions) who have not picked up there Ram and are not familiar with keyless ignitions. Very simple (once you know about it), keep your foot off the brake pedal. In my case I wanted to review the on board manual for break in instructions without...