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  1. RaysFanBoy

    Towing with Rebel

    I have a ‘19 Rebel, 5.7 (non etorque), 4x4, and no air suspension. I am looking into purchasing a 24’ boat that has a dry weight of 3,600 lbs and about another 1,400 or so with the trailer. I’m not too worried about the hitch weight, but the sag from the coil springs has me a bit concerned...
  2. RaysFanBoy

    Power Sliding Running Boards

    Looking to install some power sliding running boards on my Rebel. Does anyone have any experience with the RBP running boards? They seem to be the cheapest and easiest to install, but I want to make sure they will stand the test of time. If anyone has any pictures of a 5th gen with the RBP’s...
  3. RaysFanBoy

    What WERE we driving?

    Just curious as to what we were all driving prior to the 5th gen Ram. For me it was a 2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport 4x2. Now driving a 2019 Ram Rebel 4x4 with HEMI. Huge upgrade. Thanks everyone.
  4. RaysFanBoy

    Tread life?

    Just a quick question, but is anyone aware of what the expected tread life or how many miles we can expect on the wrangler Goodyear Duratrac tires equipped on the rebel?
  5. RaysFanBoy

    Bed Light

    So yesterday I was hauling something which required to have the tailgate down. I noticed when I got out of the vehicle and locked it with the remote, the bed light (above the rear window) remained on. I went inside the store for approximately 5 minutes and returned to the truck, which still had...
  6. RaysFanBoy

    Eco Mode

    So I purchased my 2019 Ram Rebel on July 1st and have been amazed ever since. I did have a question after searching he forums with no luck( Apologies if this has already been covered in great length). I know a lot of owners dislike the Eco mode future, however, I love it, as does the average...
  7. RaysFanBoy

    New Purchase...

    So I am far from a truck guy, and have never purchased a Chrysler product in my life. Mostly the blue oval and GM sports cars. A few years ago I got tired of trying to keep my 2016 Camaro SS in mint condition while hauling around 2 small children, so I bought my first ever truck. 2017 Tacoma. I...