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    They ship you a USB stick.
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    Kayak rack

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    Tire rotation question

    The tires auto sync after a few miles. Not something you need to worry about fiddling with.
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    Question about towing package

    You should be fine, Ram "tow package" is generally a trailer brake controller and mirrors that aren't as nice as the ones you would otherwise get. Nothing you would need for a jet ski trailer. This link: https://fcacommunity.force.com/RAM/s/equipment-listing may have more info (not sure if...
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    Water swooshing noise

    That's new. Did you park in a pond?
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    That sounds like a loose wire on the receiver block.
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    Water under passenger floor board area

    Check your windshield cowl drain - that was backing up on me, flowing water over the intake for the cabin air. If you pull out the cabin air filter and it's soaked, that's a good sign that it's sloshing in through there. Might be something lodged in there from production, I can't imagine you'd...
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    Water Stained Headliner above Rear Window

    I replaced my seal because when I took it off, you could press it and water would come out. So it was soaking up water and releasing a bit inside. It was still seeming to compress, but it was really just buffering the water. After replacing the seal and cleaning the headliner (thanks whoever...
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    Tonneau Cover Replacement (recommendations needed)

    I have an Undercover Ridgelander - if you're planning on also hauling stuff on top, or just having the option, it works great - I bought a trailer, but before that hauled kayaks (and paddles), still haul bikes and fishing poles. Also have a cargo rack but haven't used it yet.
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    Kayak rack

    How long are your kayaks? I carry two 10ft kayaks on top of an Undercover Ridgelander, and use a ski carrier for the paddles (and fishing poles) but my 14ft tandem has to go in the bed with a bed extender in the hitch. I wouldn't recommend it if your kayaks are heavy fishing kayaks or much...
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    Key Fob distance

    This works best if you video it and upload the link here.
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    1st world problems

    FYI if you go up one channel (vs up one preset), pressing the center button will then bring you back to your first preset. If your presets are in order like mine are, this might help you.
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    Ford Remote Start Now Free

    It already looked ridiculous before this, but I get your point.
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    Watch the fine print, too, sometimes that $60 ends up being closer to $90 with random fees.
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    Question about title and trade in

    Varies by state, here in Virginia I couldn't trade in vehicle that was in wife's name and have my name on the new title (some tax avoidance issue I think), so I sold it and just bought the truck in a separate transaction.
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    North Package Question

    Ah, gotcha. That makes sense. Did they mention any kind of timeline?
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    North Package Question

    Kyle is probably the poor guy tasked with editing the website. It sounds like you're saying (by not saying) that they have otherwise compensated you for the missing feature, and not that they will be adding the mirrors. Did they determine that there's a whole bunch more missing other than the...
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    Loaner Truck...Sister Vehicle?

    Ah, that makes sense, also helps explain why the same dealer had that truck for a loaner. They probably ordered the trucks at the same time just in different colors. For some reason I was thinking that the OP had special ordered.
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    Loaner Truck...Sister Vehicle?

    That's pretty neat. They do, from what I understand, build in batches, so that makes sense that they would have two very similar built right next to one another. There's a whole list of things that decodes a VIN, but the last digits being sequential should mean that they were built in that...
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    North Package Question

    Check your build sheet: https://fcacommunity.force.com/RAM/s/equipment-listing Not sure about a standard measurement, but I can tell just by looking at one if it has the lift. Not to be all "that's what she said", but an inch does make a difference. Park your truck next to one that does or...