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  1. klail

    Park Assist

    I believe it is the left turn signal. Indicate left and you should see your gauge display switch to the left.
  2. klail

    Uconnect GPS Card Defaults to Favorites

    Not that I know of. I posted about this when I bought mine back in 2019. Would love to have a fix though. Anyone??
  3. klail

    Any back windows that DON'T leak?

    2019 limited 27k miles. No leaks
  4. klail

    Screen protector options

    Still super happy with mine. I completely forget that it’s there until I am reminded from a post on this thread. Couldn’t be happier.
  5. klail

    Backup Camera Stuck while driving.

    I had this a couple months ago. Happened while I was on the freeway. Went away when I restarted the truck and hasn’t happened again since. Really distracting when you’re driving though.
  6. klail

    What does everyone do for a living?

    Securities Investigator/Examiner
  7. klail

    gas prices may drop?

    Hopefully that doesn’t put you in a hard spot. Good luck!
  8. klail

    Check in if you just don't care about modding anymore

    I'm with you, too. I'm in my mid 30s and don't have any desire to mod. I'm more of the maintain and preserve type. I want this truck to last me at least 10 years without too many major expenses.
  9. klail

    Going to DIY ceramic coat soon

    Great info!!
  10. klail

    Rear View Mirror Housing?

    Where do you run your power wire on your dash cam? Looks like it goes up and around the headliner but is it tucked in so you can't see it or is it just hidden in the seam? Nice setup!
  11. klail

    Rear View Mirror Housing?

    I agree with both points. Adaptive cruise and auto high beams. On my first test drive, I noticed it but was very quick to adjust. I don't even notice it anymore. I was in the passenger seat the other day and I noticed it sticks out a little more on that side than the driver side.
  12. klail

    Going to DIY ceramic coat soon

    I would wash your rig and THEN spray the iron x, let it dwell for a bit and then spray it off. My guess is the product will have specific directions on the bottle or packaging so just follow that. If there are no instructions, there are good tutorials on youtube. Look up "Pan the Organizer iron...
  13. klail

    How many miles on factory tires?

    Nice to know I should get good miles out of mine. Thanks!
  14. klail

    How many miles on factory tires?

    That's good to know! I'm at about 13k and they still look new. Would you say you're pretty easy on your tires? Hoping to get about 50k or so out of them.
  15. klail

    Going to DIY ceramic coat soon

    @MilehighRam I agree with this response in that an iron deposit remover is important after you wash. I would probably do it prior to the clay bar. Definitely don't want to lock the iron in under the ceramic coating.
  16. klail

    Tire Dressing frustration

    I’m a big fan of this... https://smile.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00FJIT9BO/ref=ox_sc_saved_image_1?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&psc=1
  17. klail

    No Discussion, Just Your Truck Pictures

    You still liking those tires? Do they seem to have pretty good longevity? I really like the look of them.
  18. klail

    Hope Ford plans to do a better job on the F150

    Yeah, you're right and for the most part, all images on a vehicle screen are static. I LOVE OLED screens, but at this point, they don't belong in vehicles.
  19. klail

    Backup Camera Stuck while driving.

    I also had this. For some reason the camera app was overriding the top half of the GPS. I was able to remedy it while driving but I forgot what I did. For example, I’d go to the music or climate screen then back to the GPS and it would still be half camera. Kinda trippy on the freeway. Haha
  20. klail

    Love my 2019 Ram 1500

    Lucky they got the short bed.